Hash Cornacircle Number 5 - 19th April 2020

This week's words by Speedy.

Today's online hash was hosted from the Stix household, this was because Stix has just had a birthday is now just 5 years from 50, yes that is right he is now 55! Hence today’s challenge was to bring Stix a birthday present, which speedy would score. But first there was the usual tuneful rendition of Happy Birthday while Stix drank his beer.

• Stix was wearing his awesome birthday hat made by Speedy, and birthday balloons in the lounge
• Odd Bits brought a toilet roll holder, because Stix had previously worn on his head on the first online hash circle.
• Wide amazingly got a tattoo of Stix with his long hair from the 90s, and half a bottle of expensive gin
• X bits got Stix a hungry caterpillar book with the word Stix written on it
• Child Catcher and bull bait where making a cake
• Bull bait was making him a coffee with his stove top maker
• Ménage made him a lamb curry
• Blobby got him a bottle of gin and a smarties Easter egg, but someone had managed to eat it, I wonder who
• Woody had brought him some eggs.

• Third place went to odd bits and wobbly bits who won a picture of Bollards on a stick
• Second place went to wide who won a picture of Stix from the 90s because it looked like his tattoo
• First place went to Child Catcher, Bull bait and Splat who won a picture of Stix with his 6 pack
• Stix then played puppets with the characters and started rubbing bollards up agenised Stix’s 6 pack.

• Next week’s theme will be "the first thing you will do after lockdown".


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