Hash Coronacircle #3 - 5 April 2020

Todays challenge was to where something on your head, this was shown through a variety of different methods, including masks, traditional hats, sunglasses and the obvious one, ball bags.

• Most of us had logged on by 11:05 except for Woodpecker for reasons that will be explained later.
• Ménage was already drinking by the time that we had started.
• People had logged on to see Stix with some toilet paper strapped to his head
• We circled up and explained what each of our items on our head was
• Rocky wore a scrum cap
• Spocky wore some sunglasses
• Bollards wore a concreate baby blanket
• Odd Bits wore a jester hat
• Wobbly Bits wore a Japanese head band
• Wide wore sort of mask
• Tight wore a onesie
• Sorepoint had a tea cosy
• paperwork had punk hair
• A little moist had a hat I think!! And so did Woody... Not very original!!
• Speedy wore a basketball net with balls in it which he described as a “ball bag”. To which someone said “look speedy has got a ball bag on his head”
• Splat had a ping pong ball
• Boots had a nice shiny helmet, and he was outside with the kids in the sun

• We had a sweetie stop, although the Bits had a job finding them!

• We had an email from woodpecker saying that unfortunately he was not going to be participating in online hashes, basically because he said that he was a digital dinosaur, but he said that he would be back to “infesting the countryside” as soon as possible, he even said that he was enjoying reading the blog! Stix would reply to the email, but they don’t deliver emails on Sundays. We all wished woodpecker well and hoped we would see him again soon.
• We then had to say who had the best head dress to which boots said “, this is the only time that I will say this, but I like Speedy’s ball bag.” (that has got to be quote of the year).
Next week’s challenge is yet to be announced.

A hash volunteer is needed to decide what the theme week be next week! 

On on


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