Hash Coronacircle #8 - 9th May 2020

First I apologise, I forgot to take a hash flash! Especially as not recording a photo of Woodpecker, only nose up, with his glasses on, was an opportunity missed. He was keen to join us for the first time to tell stories of a 10 year old on VE Day. Anyway he said that VJ day was at least an equally big celebration and had volunteered to lay the trail in 14 months time. 

Wide and Tight had again put in a massive effort with their gramaphone playing 1940s music, they were all dressed up in clothing from the era, and had prepared a picnic for us all with carefully chosen drinks! Xbitz had put in her Victory Rolls, and there were Union Jack's draped across Bell Toll and washing lines (BB&CC).

Blobby got out the family antiques, we saw spitfires on Boots' wall, and heard memories of rationing from Oddbitz. Speedy had made scones, which he had tried to colour blue using for colouring, but they just looked mouldy. The plan was to add white cream and red jam.

Then we had a good look in Coffins bush... for pigeons apparently. 

Fantastic to see Woodpecker and everyone else again. On on to next week.... Theme to be announced!


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