#984 East Hill, Ottery St Mary - Howlin' Wilf - 4 Oct 2020

This was the trail that never was... At least until today. Back in March, Howlin' Wilf was supposed to be the trail that followed Wide's in Chudleigh, but then Covid came among.

Bollards welcomed the pack (Stix, Bollards, Rocky, Howlin' Wilf, Wide, Tight, Woodpecker, Tampa) in a purely informational way and reminded us all to keep three metres distance. Straight over to the hare who said something about kilometres (he doesn't do miles), something about it being on the right, and something about conkers (which I never found). After a quick discussion about how you could play conkers while social distancing, we were off. 

Up the road to the car park we've used in the past (now no longer a car park) and into the woods. The rain was coming down and it was pretty windy, but the trees kept the worst off. A long-short split, which seemed to involve a couple of steep climbs and a bit of shiggy and we were soon beck together for the NSS (not sweetie stop). But it WAS a sweetie stop because your lovely, kind On Sec provided some individual and sanitised bags at the start! Wide had also nipped into the neighbouring field and acquired for himself a couple of corn on the cob!

Then on on again, with more of the same, muds, hills, trees,  long short split (which was very confusing as we seemed to cover the save tracks twice) and on home.

An excellent 5 mile trail (which seemed like 10) from Howlin' Wilf. A bit of politics discussed in our bubble afterward... Strange for a hash! And a sterilised can of 🍺!

On on to next week from George V playing Fields, Countess Wear, Exeter (map) for Speedy's first solo lay (although Bollards may help a bit). Note it's the car park near the river, off Countess Wear Road, not the main one off Topsham Road.


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