#986 Warren Car Park - Spocky - 18th October 2020

20 of us this week, with numbers boosted by the very welcome return of Oddbitz and Wobblybitz, and Boots, Puss, Mischief and Wrecking Ball. Rocky was also back with his broken collar bone!

We suffered the usual problems with parking at the Warren, but everyone found a space by the time our hare returned from his lay.  Spocky had started his lay about 10am, but realized he was still two miles away at nearly 11. So it was about 10 past 11 before we circled up for the Pre-hash safety check!

Then On On with a long-short split to kick off with taking 3 sides of a loop, with the shorts going straight ahead. Speedy seemed to be the FRB this week, with his brother, not supposed to be running, still managing to lead the shorts! Lots of wrong checking from the rest of us as we began to get sweaty on a deceptively warm autumn morning.  While r#nning with Dark Lord, I asked him about his work. I was surprised to hear that he was working for the Co-Op, but then realisied that is misheard his delicate Scottish tones, and he was working for the police.. the 'cops'!

The sweetie stop was about 2.5 miles in, and nicely socially distanced as normal. Although Spocky took a couple of steps back when i told him I'd been with university students this week! And I also learnt that we hadn't seen Oddbitz and Wobbly in person on the hash since January. Happy Snapper did the honours with the photo...

Then on on with another loop, and a discussion about CoViD and American stereotypes with Woof and Drop Off, while Speedy was still leading the pack. Can't really remember what happened next, but it seemed like a hard run before we were on home. 

A socially distanced circle to finish to check everyone was back safely. No one spotted that Woodpecker had gone for another little run... although he may have needed a wee!

Thanks Spocky for another mediocre trail (!). 

Next week we're at The Globe Inn
14-16 Lower Town, Sampford Peverell, Tiverton EX16 7BJ
https://maps.app.goo.gl/khv6jXGBga1TjzDy9 for a trail laid by Boots.

As always please register and self declare https://tiny.cc/HashReg. If this is difficult for you, please email me stix@cityofexeterh3.org.uk or find me at the start of the hash.

*** No-one should leave home to participate in the hash if they, or someone they live with, has any of the following:

A high temperature
A new, continuous cough
A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste


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