#987 Sampford Peverell - Boots - 25 October 2020

A beautiful warm autumn morning for the 16 hashers who made the journey up the M5 to Sampford. We started off with a welcome from Spocky, but with everyone in attendance having already hashed post-lockdown, it was just a quick safety check as a reminder.  Boots announced the trail as the 2020 Autumn Gathering!

The trail started off going through the village before passing 'Boobery' where all the hash harriets had their photo taken last time we were there. Then up on to the meadows south of the village and through a field of cows who despite a missing Bull Bait, still seemed interested in us! A loop back round into the village again, and up the other side towards the link road, where we had our mid trail safety check (aka sweetie stop) in a field where boots couldn't find his own marks!

Then underneath the main road, and up a long driveway and heading further north to a narrow path through a farm. Down a lane and then back to where we were about 10 minutes earlier, with the trail trail taking us around again. But this time heading away from the farm back down to the link road, and on home along the canal.

Thanks Boots for the trail... So much better than last week's ;-) 

Next week we're at RSPB reserve car park, just past the Swans Nest in Exminster for a trail laid by Stix.


As always please register and self declare https://tiny.cc/HashReg. If this is difficult for you, please email me stix@cityofexeterh3.org.uk or find me at the start of the hash.

*** No-one should leave home to participate in the hash if they, or someone they live with, has any of the following:

A high temperature
A new, continuous cough
A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste


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