Hash AGM


Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM.  The minutes are pasted below.  

Next week we will meet vitually again. 

City of Exeter Hash House Harriers

AGM 8th November 2020



Spocky, X-bitz, Bollards, Blobhoblin, Oddbitz, Wobblybitz, Twin Peaks, Stix, Speedy, Wide, Tight, Bull Bait, Child Catcher, Howlin’ Wilf, Tampa, Woodpecker


2020.1 Apologies

None received


2020.2 Reports from the outgoing mismanagement

Grand Master (Spockybitz)  – summarised the year; suggested roll over of subs

Grand Mistress (Bollards) – no report

Sheriff (Twin Peaks) - £6.55 in fines received to date

Beer Master (Bullbait) – Scaled down purhcases in February, only limited wasted stock.

Hare Raiser (Tight) – Everything cancelled in dairy; continuing policy of not pressuring for hares

On Sex (Stix) – H&S incl CoViD documents up to date; More volunteers for scribes

Hash Cash (Spocky) – Limited transactions due to C19. Insurance £111. Balance £545.


2020.3 Review of mismanagement positions for 2021.

Decided to wait for nominations to see if there are volunteers for existing positions. No need to appoint Beer Master and Sheriff immediately. 


2020.4 Nominations and Appointment of mismanagement

Grand Master – Spocky was elected

Grand Mistress – Bollards stood down; no one was elected

Hash Cash – Bollards was elected

On Sex – Stix was elected

Hare Raiser & Haberdash –Tight was

Sheriff – Twin Peaks stood down; Speedy was elected


2020.5 Membership charges for 2021

Carried forward to 2021 for existing members.

And no change from last year. £20 for adults; £5 for over 10+; free for under 10s; or £1 hash


2020.6 Events

Christmas 2020 – wait and see how C19 situation develops. Zoom call as a ‘celebration’.

1000th anniversary – wait and see how C19 situations develops. 1000th event in summer (ragradless of when this occurs).

Autumn Gathering – Spocky will take the lead.


2020.7 AOB

Trophies, and T-shirt for Twin Peaks from last year. Haven’t been engraved.  No decision.

Lockdown – discussion of rules and around C19 restrictions, and clarification of our position.




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