#988 Chudleigh - Wide Receiver - 6 December

First week back for City of Exeter H3 after 'Lockdown 2' and 16 of us on trail.  A 4 mile trail, which felt a lot longer, because of the hilly terrain, mud, and the fact that we'd been locked down for a month! Thanks Wide!

Hot Lips found his namesake plant, but it just looked a bit phallic to me. 

The trail took us down towards the A38 junction, through the building site that I imagine will soon be houses. Then back towards Chudleigh and into a valley and a muddy field with inquisitive young bulls. Then a sweetie (safety) stop, and a long short split. The long was up the valley and down a lane to region the trail where we were 20 mins ago!

Then rejoining the short, over a gate with a load of branches to navigate on the other side, and up the steep side of the valley towards the hillfort.  But once we got to the road, we soon left it again and scrambled down the back, across a couple of fields, and along a lane with extremely cold water that was impossible to avoid. Wide did apologize for this in advance, but it didn't make it any warmer!

A great trail and fantastic to see everyone again!

Next week the trail is at Warren Car Park and then the Christmas trail at Estuary View (Woodbury Castle), both on the Common.

As always please register in advance https://tiny.cc/HashReg


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