Haldon (Route 5) - Wide and Tight - 4 April 2021

Second trail of the year!!

Great to be back, and wow... how everyone had aged. Beards have really grown bushy, especially the harriettes. But Spocky's was something else, a hybrid between Ant Middleton (aka Boots) and Hagrid.

We had a pack of 22 and all bursting to get back into 'elite' hashing (not!). We were promised a 5 mile trail with an Easter Egg hunt (Covid safe) at the regroup.

Being Wide's trail, it was never going to be dull. Why use paths when there are thorny, boggy, slippery, steep alternatives? Soon we found ourselves scrambling to the bottom of a valley, along the stream and up the other side. Itzy did a superb job of finding the marks putting us more mature hashers to shame. By this point, Speedy had been too speedy and had missed the check back and found himself doing fish hooks alone in the wrong direction! Never to be seen (on trail) again. Meanwhile the rest of the pack were making their way towards the Easter egg hunt. The FRBs were well ahead, the back markers delayed by Spocky sending them the wrong way... The beard was obviously obscuring his vision.

Thanks to Tight for assigning us all to teams (or should we call them bubbles?!). We all had to search for the coloured egg corresponding to our team. Sweets and novelty Easter items were our reward (I got a carrot!)

Then on on around the trail, and another steep crevice to slip into (oo-er) and up the other side. I took the sliding approach and muddied my undercarriage!

Then it was nearly on home, apart from Bollards and me - she made me do the long  loop... but it was a nice romantic jog in the undergrowth for just the two of us.

Back home by 1 o'clock, and time for a quick beer (personal supply!) before heading home. Great to see everyone again... Looking forward to next week.

Next week, we're at Joneys Cross on Woodbury.

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