Kenton - Stix and Rocky - 18th April 2021

Words by Speedy...

Today's run number was 994. It was a lovely sunny day in South Devon. As we arrived at the car park we noticed there was a police officer there we thought we had done something wrong but then we remembered Spocky was coming. Turned out that the police man was a hasher, Chardonnay doing his morning patrol. Definitely raised a few eyebrows amongst the locals when he put his sirens on!!

Today we had the normal pack but we were also joined by Bull Bait, Stingray and Splat for the first time in a year. We had a quick run through Kenton village centre before we went up the hill and came to longshort split. The long did a quick loop and came back just before the starting car park. We were warned that it was going to be hilly trail but I didn't think it was going to be this hilly! In the end I was so tired I just had to walk up the hill the good thing about going up hills you eventually get to go downhill which is easy.

We then ran to a field full of oilseed rape which is a monoculture and it's going to kill all the wildlife in the area - Greta would not be pleased! Then there were about 25000 fish hooks before the sweet stop at a scenic view. Oh yeah, and Spocky had a wee I think.

On to check after the sweet stop and it was back down the mountain before we came to a road followed by another long short, longs through the woods. It was so hot that Rambo took his top off which is good to see again! We walked up a footpath until we came to a fork in the road well that was a long short split. After that it was a straight run at the road back to the car park. When we got back we had some bad news Rambo was missing ( Tampa also wasn't there ). Luckily we found Rambo ( and tama also turned up ). 

We sang happy birthday to Stix after the trail in the usual hash style. He drank his own beer and most of it went over his head!

On on to next week when we're at Wheathill Plantation on Woodbury Common.


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