Wheathill Plantation - Coffin and Imelda - 25 April 2021

It's Annabel's birthday, and all her friends came out to celebrate. 52 of them on today's trail! Probably our biggest turnout in recent times, although there were many newcomers, mostly the parents of Annabel's friends. But the 'normal' hash residents were out in force too, on a amazing Sunday morning.

There was a long and short, and a birthday trail, reserved for the smaller ones (not Twin Peaks) and their mums and dads. Since we all met up for the regroup, that meant we really didn't stray very far from the car park, yet it seemed that I was completely disorientated for most of the trail. 

Lots of long loops to give the runners a stretch, which kept the pack together nicely. First we headed down to Squabmoor, Then across the top and heading back via Frying Pans, before a sweetie stop not far (as the crow flies) from home.

At the closing (safety) circle, Annabel got her birthday down down, and we sang her hashy burpday in the usual style. I'm sure all the visitors appreciated that! Then there were shrieks and squeals as the drink was squirted on her friends.

Sorepoint and Rambo managed to miss all this... Paperwork was concerned about how he would get home. Turns out the keys were in our car, but the late finishers were found after a search party was dispatched to the end of the car park!

On on to next week: Core Copse, East Hill Strips, near Ottery St Mary Core Copse - https://maps.app.goo.gl/MnFGg62QqWD3asRm9


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