Ashclyst Forest - Boots in Puss - 9 May 2021

It was a live trail this week by Boots. He'd left Spocky a present. It was in a box... Which was in another box
Which was in another box
It was the script for Spocky to read before we set off.  Some of us also had fun with the boxes!
The script was:

Hello everyone and welcome to the Hash of The year !!!!! Once again I'm absolutely delighted that Boots has decided to lay a trail, His trails are the best ever, Amazing Trails, no one better. (read like Trump)

Remember back to the last time he laid a live trail and the little note he left for me, and nothing has changed. His trails are still my favourite.

Enough of the Boots Love, the Trail.

It's Laid live, but luckily with the boxes I've got a bit of a lead.

It's One and On

Laid on the Right

A sweetie stop somewhere.

Fishhooks for 12

Might be some L/S splits, But follow the FRB's I'm sure it will all make sense when we've found all the lost people.

Puss and the kids are laying the Walkers / Kids trail,

On On and check it out to the west. (Point in Random Directs until coffin tells you where to go) (or wait for the sunset.).

And then we headed off in one direction, until Damp Patch pointed out that West was the opposite way!

Given the rain yesterday, it was always going to be shiggy. So it was a bit hard going on trail. Plus Boots doesn't necessarily stick to paths, as we found out about 1.5 miles in. Of course he might have just got lost.  Good job he had plenty of flour.  Plenty of brambles and thorns as I found out all to painfully when I managed to get over intertwined around my groin.

We needed a nice long break at the regroup as the kids and Coffin played in the stream. 

Can't remember much about the second half of the trail, but of course it was very good, given its trail of the year.  There was however what seemed like a bloomin' long long-split, which was a loop but was all up hill! Not sure how he managed that. 

On home soon after that. And we heard news from Spocky about the Autumn Gathering being in November this year (17th), and that the hash circle and beers will be back in a couple of weeks. 

On on to next week when we're at Upton Pyne village hall


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