Core Copse, East Hill Strips - Howlin Wilf - 2 May 2021

Another sunny Sunday and another 30+ pack, with our numbers boosted this week by visitors from Plympton. Spocky arrived eventually, having over slept and then been sat just round the corner trying to work out which car park it was. Boots had his awning up and for a minute I thought he was serving refreshments. And rumours were circulating that there were a couple of birthdays this week.

The trail set off through the woods, unsurprisingly, with a loop at the beginning down and back along a relatively flat path. That was the last level part of the trail!

Oddbitz and Wobblybitz seemed to keep appearing after the rest of us had scrambled down and valley side. They just seemed to out for a regular morning walk!! 

We were told that the regroup was two thirds of the way round, and it was EXACTLY! 3 miles in, and what turned out to be 1.5 miles to go. It was a NSS, which meant a Nacho Sandwich Stop for Speedy, who'd brought a frozen chicken sandwich which he was defrosting in his bum bag. 

But where was Lilo? We shouted and heard a reply. But it was Son of the Bitz who was yelling down drainage pipe!

On on we continued up another hill, and eventually on home.

There was a bit of waiting round at the end until the walkers appeared, but still no Lilo. Although her car was gone so hope she's ok! We sang hashy burpday to H3 and On, and Itzy Bitz, and then Plympton bu**ered off to do a proper trail.

On on to next week when we're at Ashclyst Forest.


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