Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Tampa - 23rd May 2021

Another wet one with week, on the first trail where hugging was allowed. Not that anyone hugged me 😥. And it was run number 999!

The first trail where we officially had a sweetie stop and beers afterwards too. 
Highlights for me were Twin Peaks calling Bollards 'pure filth', Boots getting a hair band stick in his hair (and Miss Chief telling me that he's allowed to borrow hers), the very exposed and cold sweetie stop, and Twin Peaks attempting to get a 'squirt' of hand sanitizer while Speedy was holding it between his thighs.

The trail wasn't too bad either, taking us on a loop around the common with what seemed like a couple of very long longs. Having been told we were expecting the road crossings at the start by the birthday boy (Tampa), I was disappointed to only have enjoyed two. I want my money back!

Then we gathered underneath Boots' awning for the hash circle, where Speedy took on the role of Sheriff for the first time, highlighting Woodpecker's late arrival.

On on to the 1000th next week which should start from Cranbrook railway station... which unfortunately has been taken over by travellers... Stay tuned in case there is a change!


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