Upton Pyne - Twin Peaks - 16th May 2021

It absolutely pished it down for today's trail. As usual we didn't set off till ten last and instead enjoyed the rain in the cast park. Twin peaks introduced her helpers, and spent another 10 mins telling us about the trail. It was still raining...

The trail started off with a long loop.  It continued to rain. Through some muddy fields, into a very slippery wood, and down a hill where I needed a wee. Bollards did too. Must be the sound of running water. Then along the lane into Langford. The check was underwater, but the hares directed us into another muddy field and a regroup. By now we were drenched and rather bedraggled.  But it wasn't the sweetie stop... it was looking to be a long trail. 

We continued along the edge of fields, up towards home, but we still had a sweetie stop to go, albeit a virtual one... in another muddy field. Stingray was being a human dipstick, standing in the ruts in the field to work out the depth of the water. 

Then in to Swamp Land... and Twin Peaks gave us warning that she would not be pulling anyone out.  She admitted this was her favourite bit... Sounded like it was her second home. All swamps have got swamp monsters of course...

Not far then back to home, and it just about stopped raining for a few minutes, and the sun nearly shone.

It was a great trail, so thanks to all the hares. 

Next week the hash circle is officially back, since the C19 regulations allow us to socialize in groups of up to 30. So there will be snacks and beers, and hares may provide sweets (probably best still in individual packets)

So on on to Four Firs on Woodbury Common!


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