Blackborough Wood - Clever Dick - 27th June 2021

Great trail today and a big thank you to Richard Gilham Clever Dick for stepping in last minute for SorePoint and Paperwork. Coffin turned up but very late! It was just like a slap in the face!! 🙄.  There was no rain that was forecast and due to the 3 long loops the coats soon came off with Twin Peaks complaining she was getting moist on the inside! Lovely hashing area. Nearly 4 miles in (for the longs) we got to the sweetie stop but minus Widey! Finally he turned up doing an half mile wrong turn. After quick photo 📷 we were back on trail but missing the Long/Short. The trail took us into some more woods and then trail went from "2 and on" to "Check and on" check here, check there, check Everywhere! It was like a proper hash!😆 Wasn't long before the "on home" and I managed to clock up a healthy 6 miles. Some fines given out and a lovely rendition of Happy Bithday to Woodpecker who will be celebrating his 87th BIRTHDAY tomorrow!  That is also 54 years a Hasher!!!! I know what you are thinking "a little late to start hashing at 33 years old!!" But to be fair they only probably just invented it by then with electric and everything was steam powered in those days.  Onon till next week, GM Spockster


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