Chez Bitz - Sprocky - 18th July 2021

A poem from Speedy

Today's hash was Laid by Spocky
 but today he wasn't so cocky
he had gotten a tick
But he still laid the trail very quick 
8 miles he said 
how much I dread 
running far to a pub 
we didn't get any grub 
we just got drinks 
which gave me some Kinks 
lots of long shorts
everyone wore shorts 
apart from speedy 
who despite being greedy 
whore a tracksuit which got very muddy because of the Puddy
and lots of mud 
Now I'm sat in the bath
having a laugh 
about when sticks bottle 
On his bum bag was nearly down Bollards throttle
Back from the pub I got very thirsty
But I wasn't going to bursty
Because it was so hot
I needed a bottle
Of fresh water from Spocky's BBQ