Kenton - Hotlips Zoot and Coat Check

It was a hilly 5 miler today. It rained as we were circling up, and rained as we were leaving, but was hot and humid on trail. 

Woodpecker arrived as the church bell's tolled and Rambo was trying to get in touch to say he'd missed the bus so was on a later one. The problem was that Kenton is famous for its lack of phone signal. He was hoping to be there by 1125, so we decided to mark out the trail clearly in the hope that he would follow.

Hotlips had brought his son and friend with him, and H2&on and Pearl's new puppy joined us for his virgin trail. I wasn't sure of the gender, so his bits were put on show during the opening circle. I think we should do the same for all virgins from now on. 

The trail had a good hilly runner's long at the start that knackered us all by the time we caught up with the shorts. See the big loop on the left hand side of the map below.  Then a bit of a stretch along the lanes and fields to the sweetie stop. Here we had chocolate Swiss rolls, and Twin Peaks went for a wee. "That was hot" she exclaimed as she emerged from the bushes.

Then back on the lanes towards Starcross,  dodging of cyclists along the estuary footpath, and up towards Powderham shop. Then a final loop around the back of Kenton before returning to the car park.

No sign of Rambo as Bollards called together the final circle. Conversation turned to discussions about bringing back the fines or maybe Down Downs now that (hopefully) the worst of the pandemic is behind us, in order to properly round off the hash and laugh at the misfortune of others! Or bring back the handbag?! What do you think?!

Next week we're at Four Firs, and then back to Woodpecker's for drink, food and fertilization in the pool. 


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