Imperial, Exeter - Stix & Rocky - 31 Oct 2021

I didn't notice that it was Halloween... Was wondering why the staff in the Imperial were dressed funny... Would have been a good theme for the hash. Although I think Zoot came made up to scare the kids!!

It was good to see Brillo again, who traveled to the hash via train, with the Plymouth lot to see the rugby this afternoon.... But he was on a different train and wasnt watching the rugby. TC and co. never made to the hash due to delays, although Rambo, also traveling by train, did make it and navigated the entire trail around about 20 minutes later that the rest of us!

Anyway, simply a brilliant trail laid by yours truly and a returning Rocky.  Lots of water about after last night's downpours, and the river was pretty impressive coming down over the weir.  

We had a trail that took the longs through Taddyforde, across the railway line and along the river, up to Miller's Bridge (sweetie stop), with the longs going up around the catacombs then everyone going through Little Silver, and up to the Hoopern Valley before the on home.

I got a down down for bellowing in a normal person's ear accidently to call Wide on-back. Brillo was incredibly apologetic on my behalf!

Then into the Imperial for lunch.

On on to next week, which is from the Royal Oak, Exminster, for the AGPU.  If you'd like to eat, the pub would appreciate preferred in advance, so please send your for orders to me via Facebook or email Sunday Roasts also available.