AGPU - Exminster - Bollards & Rocky - 7 November 2021

A trail around the Minster today, hared by Bollards and Rocky. The long was about 4 miles taking us around the houses and lanes of the village. A sweetie stop on the Bowling Green (otherwise know as the quiet, reflective are, at least before we arrived), and then an On Down to the Oak for the AGPU.

At the AGPU, Spocky took all the credit for all the good stuff, and blamed all the bad stuff on the minions ;-). Everyone was voted in for another year, so Spocky as GM, me as On Sex, Tight as Hash Haberdash and Hare Raiser, Speedy as Sheriff and Bollards as Hash Cash. Subs remain the same as last year (£20/£10). The Awards will be a reduced affair given the cost of enscribing the names, and the Xmas hash will be at today's venue, the Royal Oak.

On on to next week, at Little Haldon, just before the golf course on the way to Teignmouth.

Sweetie Stop
Son of the Bitz persuading Rocky to dance
Drinking coffee... Really?!?!


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