Wonford Sports Centre - Happy Snapper, Dark Lord & Humpty

Probably the coldest Sunday this side of Summer. We circled up and waited for the Bitz's to arrive, which they eventually did, with Spocky blaming XBitz, and Son of the Bitz blaming himself.  The hares told us about the multimedia and multicoloured trail, and Dark Lord explained that he'd used sawdust on the windiest weekend of the year. 

The trail took us past one of last night's drunks, across Topsham Road, then heading up stream to Salmon Pool bridge and Duckes Meadow. From there, the longs ran over the river, back past the Double Locks to Countess Weat, and to the car park at the bottom of King George V playing fields. A sweetie stop there, photo below, with the first showing Spocky and Wide pulling their tummies in, and the second photo relaxed!

Then we were soon heading back up to Topsham Road, and the longs up Ludwell Valley towards Pynes Hill, then back along the valley bottom towards home. 

In the circle the hares were thanked for their great trail, and there was discussion of sweaty cracks, pegging and glory holes. 

We don't know where next week's trail is, but it's laid by Coffin and Emelda! 

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