#1055 Four Firs, Woodbury Common - TLC and Belltoll - 12 June 2022

With Spocky missing, Speedy took the reins, welcoming three City of Exeter virgins (Wylee Coyote and kids), and also welcoming back Woodpecker after over 6 months of absence! 

It was Too Long Coming's virgin lay, and with Belltoll, they promised 2 miles on the short and five miles plus on the long, with plenty of hills and gravel.

My overriding memory of today's trail was Belltoll appearing in a couple of places, just as we (the longs) were climbing up an incredibly steep hill, with a little cheeky grin on his face! In fact all of the many (5 or 6) longs seemed to take us down to the bottom of a hill or valley, and then back up again. So the 5+ mile trail seemed more like 10. 

Lots of sweets at the SS but Coffin, Emelda and children were missing from there photo, after arriving late and Coffin catching up. (Actually Emelda had caught up, and had gone back to find them). Bollards nearly stole Happy Snapper's job of taking the photo, but of couse we can't reveal Happy Snapper's face on the internet because of her secret identity.

After running various bits of the commando's course, we were back home and tired, and all resorted to sitting down for the closing circle. LTC had a down down for his virgin lay, and Woodpecker had a load of hash stash (old t-shirts) to give away.

Thanks to the hares for a great trail.

Next week we're at the Double Locks, Exeter, with a few of us hopefully enjoying lunch there afterwards.  Remember you need to access the Double Locks via the road by the bowling alley in front of the Quay, called Water Lane. The road via Marsh Barton is closed at the railway bridge. See their website for more details

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