#1056 Double Locks - Speedy - 19 June 2022

Speedy only had a couple of hours notice that he was laying the trail, when Stix woke up with the best Father's Day present ever - COVID. Luckily it was in an area that Speedy knows quite well as he cycles that way to school every day.
For such short notice, it was a surprisingly long tail with lots of long/short spits and unintentionally even shorter splits for a couple of hashers. They may not have made it to the sweetie stop but they did find us eventually. Paperwork showed absolutely no concern that Sorepoint appeared to be lost with Mad Max and we didn't know Brillo was there anyway as he turned up late due to the train driver having a funny turn. So he went to the pub after a short tour of the canal path. 
We all made it back. It didn't rain and I think Speedy is a definite contender for hare of the year. But I would say that because... nepotism.

Next week we're at The Gory Hole, Exminster. We'll provide the basic Bbq stuff (burgers, rolls, etc), and drinks (ale, soft drinks), please bring something sweet and anything else you might want. Address is 54 Milbury Farm Meadow EX6 8FG,