#1060 Danes Wood - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 17th July 2022

The A- Team of hashers in attendance this week, with Rambo as B A Baracus!  Being second to arrive after the hares, we were worried about car parking spaces. But as we drifted in, the 'normal people' were frightened away, and there was only about 5 cars for us anyway. We welcomed Nikki from Taunton, who came to us instead of the Somerset A2B that was cancelled yesterday.

The first half of this week's super hot trail took off East as we did a big loop round the fields to the south of Killerton House.  Then the longs headed past the National Trust shop and the house,  and enjoyed a big loop coming back past the cricket ground. Then we crossed the road, taking the path behind the hedge on the left hand side, running back up towards the car park. Jelly babies and fizzy snakes at the sweetie stop, as we considered the health benefits of gelatin!

We spent the second half on Danes Wood itself, where Paperwork had set up his little 'feature' for us to enjoy... The crawl through the shelter (photos below from Sorepoint).  While there wasn't any down downs this week, I think I earned one. Paperwork asked, "Where's the in [the path]", to which I replied "by the trees" (we were in the woods).

Thanks to the hares. We'll miss you for the next few weeks as Paperwork recovers!  Don't forget to rate the hash  

Next week we're at Newton Poppleford tennis courts, Back Lane.