Sunday, December 11

#1082 Kingsteignton tea party - 11th Dec - Wide

I've just spent the last hour collating all the votes for the hash awards, so not going to spend much time writing this, this week!! But a icy and enjoyable trail from Wide;  still managing to clock up over 4.5 miles despite him being busy celebrating last night at his work do (and Tight's birthday!). Lots of long shorts, but they were never too long, and lots of ice and beautiful views of the estuary as the sun came out from the river fog. And a sweetie stop (oranges and chocolate oranges) amongst the hippos, or water buffalo, or whatever.
And then an amazing effort from Tight yet again with a tea party, cheese, biscuits and cake to celebrate her own birthday.
Next week is the Xmas hash and awards. You need to sign up and pay in advance: please email me or use WhatsApp to let me know your want to come. It's from Cofton Holiday Park near Starcross, and the meal is £14 for adults, £9 for children.