Sunday, June 11

#1108 Woodbury Castle - Captain Peacock - 11 June 2023

Words by Wide Receiver...

It was hot, some might say too hot! However an elite pack of hashers gathered at estuary view car park as the castle was packed tight. 

CP explained it was a short trail but we had checked marked with numbers. Once the said number of hasher made it to the check, you could check it out. 

Although there was cloud cover, when the sun came out, the heat stepped up a notch. The little ones didn’t like it but made it around the whole trail. 

The sweet stop brought us all together again and after a short time off we went again, passed cows in a copse, walkers sweating, dog panting and us running! We must be mad!!

As we made our way back to the OH we welcomed the coolness of the wood by the castle and on to warm/hot beer. 
We missed the cold ones this week. 

There was no hash flash but I did a selfie. There was no foal play involved. 

Hashers present Wide & Tight, Captain Peacock, Emelda & Coffina plus girls, Spockey Bitz, Itsy Bitz, Son of a Bitz, Mad Max and Pearl.