Sunday, July 23

#1114 Glory Hole - Stix - 23 July 2023

Thanks to everyone who came today. Great to see Shortie And Big Foot, and Hiker Chick as 'visitors'. Not sure how Brillo ended up at the New Inn in Alphington and walking along Dawlish Road! Glad to see Mad Max after his car incident in the week. A nice sunny afternoon after a slightly longer hash, than I expected, at least for the longs Lots of beer drank, plus a cocktail or two, and fizzy wine. Last hashers standing were Captain Peacock, Hiker Chick, and of  course Sorepoint and Paperwork, at around 5.30!!
Well done to Wide Recover for rescuing the mouse. Memory of the day was Paperwork's sausage. Anyone got a photo?
Thanks for all that brought food, drink or who left a tip ( which week be reinvested in the next hash brew!)

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