Sunday, October 15

#1126 Kennford. - 15th October - Stix and Speedy

Speedy was back from university to help lay today's trail with me. It only took us just over an hour to lay... which explains alot perhaps?  Wide welcomed the pack outside of the Seven Stars. Then without too much mucking about (because Tampa was early) we were off. Almost immediately the trail went down into the River Kenn and through into the village meadow, with Peacock deciding to mount a heavy, swinging storm gate rather than go through it. Then to to the Kenn centre, past Partridges, to the first long short. Speedy took the longs up the hill and down the field back to the river: a long loop that meant that they didn't catch up until the sweetie stop. The shorts went over the A38 then along the slip road before  taking the long lane and across the fields to Shillingford Woods. 
A loop for the longs put them behind again, before the trail took them through the woods and back round to where we had been not long before. Then the footpath down to the 'Orange Elephant' farm and back over the A38 towards home. 
Unfortunately much of the pack avoided the river at the start of the trail, so your kind hares rerouted the end of the trail to give them a second chance. We hope you enjoyed it.
Down downs went to Mad Max for avoiding water, and for Speedy, for laying the trail.
Then into to pub first 🍺 and 🍕.
On on to next week when we're at Exeter cricket club, Prince of Wales Road.
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