Monday, December 25

#1136 Glory Hole, Exminster - Speedy - 24th December 2023

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Words by SpeeChatGPTdy

City of Exeter H3: Christmas Eve Trail
On a festive Christmas Eve, the City of Exeter H3 met at the ***** Hole in Milbury Farm Meadow, Exminster, for a merry trail laid by Speedy. The ***** Hole is a cosy and friendly pub that offers a range of drinks and food, as well as a large garden and a children’s play area1. We welcomed a new hasher, Bucket, who joined us for the first time.

The trail was marked with a mixture of flour and chalk, and had three long-short splits, giving us a choice of nine different routes. We started with some shots of coffee liqueur to get us in the mood, and then followed the trail around the housing estate, the park, and the village. Exminster is a lovely village on the western side of the River Exe, close to the city of Exeter. It has a rich history, a sense of community, and a variety of amenities.

The sweet stop was on top of a hill by the swans nest, where we enjoyed a stunning view of the river and the countryside. We also had some tasty treats, such as mince pies, chocolates, and candy canes. We thanked Speedy for his generosity and continued the trail.

The next stop was at a rival bar, the ******offy, where Stix had brought some warm mulled wine and sambuca for us. We toasted to the season and sang some carols, attracting some curious looks from the locals. We then made our way back to the ***** Hole, where we had a feast of pizza and more drinks. We exchanged gifts and wished each other a merry Christmas, before heading home for the night.

It was a wonderful trail and a great way to celebrate the holidays with our hashing friends. Thanks to Speedy for laying the trail, Stix for the drinks, and everyone who came along. On On, City of Exeter H3!

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