Sunday, April 7

#1151 Chudleigh - Hotlips, Zoot and Coatcheck - 7 April 2024

Just 8 of us today, including the three hares. It was really chucking it down in Exeter, but not the other side of Haldon Hill. We were warned by the hares that it was going to be slippery, and it certainly was, which slowed us down to a crawl at times, but we finished up without any fallers. 

Starting off hashing through the town, the long short near the beginning took us down towards the A38 and the new houses, but it was just me and Bollards enjoying that! 

Then rejoining the shorts down an incredibly slippery path across the fields and to where Bollards and I found a check "kicked out" the wrong way. That took us about half a mile down a steep lane before we phoned Wide and realised we'd definitely give the wrong way! 

Back up the steep lane and then on-left and what felt like a long stretch along the road until we caught up with the walkers and followed them down the fields to Coatcheck at the sweetie stop. Wide had missed the SS, and continued long from here and found Tight (who had gone missing somewhere on the walkers route!). Wide and Tight did their own hash flash!

From there, Bollards and i decided that we'd already done or own haha, so took the half a mile short trail home

Thanks to the hares! Next week we're in Newton Abbot, from Decoy Park, with a trail laid by Brillo