Sunday, April 21

#1152 Exeter Quay - Stix - 21 April 2024

A trail to mark my 49th birthday started off with a shortage of places to park, with the Green Lantern half marathon taking place from the quay as well. With everyone eventually in a space, including Pearl in a business parking space with his 'electrician at work' sign in the window, and Sorepoint in a garage's MOT bay, we set off from the car park towards the Quay. Not before Sorepoint and Paperwork got their hare of the year t-shirts from the awards back when they were in Cyprus!

The trail took us to the Millers Crossing (near Mill on the Exe) for the sweetie stop, taking in the old Exe bridge, twists and turns around the leats, river side running and some undergrowth on the way. 
Then around the Catacombs and into the City Gate for the first On Inn. Except that is wasn't open... Except that it was! We all tried to wrong door! After a pint outside, we were off again fire the short trip to the Fat Pig where Son of the Bitz and then Peacock did some pole dancing.
On on again from there back to the quayside, and a hashy burpday song for me.
Into the Topsham Brewery and Taproom for beer and pizza. But it was a lock in because the traffic getting out of the car park was at a standstill - Hotlips and Zoot, and the Bitz tried to leave but ended up coming back to let it die down.
Thanks to everyone who came! Next week's trail is Core Copse, East Hill Strips neat Ottery, laid by Pearl.