Sunday, May 5

#1154 Wheathill Plantation - Imelda and Coffin - 5th May 2024

 A 5.5 mile trail today - surprisingly - after Saturday's sun -  in heavy drizzle!  It was a trail to celebrate Flopsy and Hashabell's birthdays, but the weather gods were not being kind.  A friend and their family came along for fun as well, with the party-goers just having a 2 mile walk.  But the regulars among us had a great trail around the common, with a loop on the east side of the car park to start off with, before tracing the steps of the walkers once we'd crossed over the road.  But before we got to that part, there was a lot of confusion with Paperwork, according to Humpty, calling a cross after a check, sending the pack to search out other routes, and bumping into the hare on the way.  That slowed us down somewhat, but eventually back on track.  Albus was being a little naught as we approached the road, not listening to Howlin' Wilf who was calling him towards him.  But Albus had already crossed and safely on the other side with the hare, only for Wilf to keep calling him, so crossed back.  Twice the danger. Anyway, lets avoid any conversation about dogs...

As we headed up on to the top of the Common, the drizzle being ever more heavy, and we headed back up parallel to the road within sight of the car park.  Woodpecker would claim that this is penalised by a crate of beer! On On we continued, eventually skirting the edge of the quarry, and then back down towards Bystock Pools, but managing to avoid them a couple of times as we looped around different paths.  By now it was getting really very wet, both underfoot and clothing.  There were shrieks from behind from Sorepoint as she discovered puddles were deeper than she thought.  Tampa appeared at the end of the long loop, complaining to Imelda about the marking.  He didn't receive an apology or any sympathy!

By the time we got to the sweetie stop, the walkers had already gone, so no Coffin and the birthday girls.  Wide had joined the party by this point, and Tampa had not caught up - so only a few of us in the photo.

Thankfully, now even colder after standing still, the on home was not far way - but it was still a great trail - noting that it was dry when the hares had laid it!

Next week we're at Haldon Belvedere, for a trail from paperwork and Sorepoint.