Monday, June 24

#1161 Harcombe Woods - Wide - 23 June 2024.

A good turn out given the Devon Full Moon weekend also taking place. Wide had stepped in this week too lay the trail because we didn't have a hare, so thanks to him! Good on Drop Off too for cycling 16 km uphill to the hash!
It was a three and on trail, all off-road, and a good number of long shorts and fish hooks. 
After getting underway, and while us longs were looping back to join the shorts, Tampa appeared. He then managed to do three of the fish hooks!
We followed many of the tracks, but often through the trees add the undergrowth. Wide laid lots of loops to keep them pack together. Paperwork led the trail for much of the hash, and I was definitely struggling after a week away eating and drinking too much. 
A good selection of sweeties at the regroup, with the milk bottles being a favourite. Then on to the rest of the trail, and a another long-short, which was just a haha. 
At the endof the trail we were looking for hares and am pleased to be able to thank Sorepoint and Paperwork for agreeing to lay 14 July. We still need a hare for the 21st. 
Next week we're in Exminster, at The Gl#ry H@le, for a BBQ. Please bring something to share for nibbles before the BBQ food starts flowing, or for pudding. Map is here Please park at rear