Sunday, July 7

#1163 King George V Playing Fields and Tally Ho! - Speedy assisted by Stix - 7 July 2024

This week we kept it in the family with me Speedy)  and Stix as hares. We started from the King George V playing fields with a decent pack, considering most hashers ended up in rehab after last weekend. The story of the lay was the expensive phone Stix had spotted on the way around. The hashers gathered around the phone trying to get it off silent so that we could hear if they called us. Luckily although the phone was locked, we could entertain ourselves with the chat heads that popped up these included but where not limited to:

“You better be here soon fatty”


“gay boy lost his phone”

In the circle we congratulated Woodpecker as he had his 19th birthday in the week. We also welcomed our newcomer called Annabell (who was Itzys friend). 

Anyway we had a trail to do. We started with a loop of king George V playing fields cutting with a cunning trail through the woodlands. The hashers seemed a bit sheepish at checks to start with often following the frontrunner even if they were going the wrong way. We then had a long short split where the longs did a loop of the housing estate below Ludwell valley park. And the shorts headed down a bank through the forest (where we found the phone), where my assistant hare Stix allowed them to get lost. After running around the fields, we had a sweet stop and overlooked the city. Another long short split before the hashers crossed a stream and headed towards the dolphin inn for a cheeky pint. Zoot, Hotlips and Coatcheck  tried to leave the pub but as soon as they did it started tipping it down with rain so they came in and bought another half. 

We then promptly hashed back before heading into the Tally Ho for a few pints and a meal which were excellent. We spent so long out on the trail today that there wasn’t time to do the circle and we headed straight into the pub.  

Exciting i-phone update: Rocky managed to turn silent mode off and he phoned it this afternoon. He lost it last night on a walk home from a party (went on too long apparently) he fell over a few times had the scars on his legs to prove it. Looked like he had done the hash himself! He doesn't have insurance on it and is paying about £70 per month so he was grateful. Tried to give Speedy £20 reward.