White Hart Exeter - Stix and Bollards - 13th October 2019

Most of the words this week written by Rocky.

Today's hash was in Exeter city centre outside the White Hart (where we went for Sunday lunch afterwards). It was raining when we arrived, and had been laid earlier that morning by a rather moist Stix and Bollards on their 18th wedding anniversary.  Talking of being moist, it was good to welcome Mildly Moist back to the hash.  We were a bit late setting off (11.20!) due to some parking issues!

The first thing that happened was a series of very slippery paths as we headed down to a swollen river on the quayside. Fortunately nobody hurt themselves but if anyone had slipped, it wouldn't have been nice!There was nobody really to check this week - which made checking out the first long loop take longer than it should have done.Cupcake decided that he wasn't ging to walk any more, so just sat down on the pavement!Th trail cotinued around County Hall as the drizzle returned.  We crossed Topsham Road again, and headed back down towards …

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The winner will be shortlisted for th ward at the Christmas Party (22nd December).

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Uphams Plantation - Howlin' Wilf - 6th October 2019

Run number 955

With The Bitz's, Baits and Team Wide&Tight in Croyde, and no volunteer hare until last week - we thought the numbers would be low - but no!  Bollards welcomed the pack

There were two visitors from Otter Valley, Gladys and <can't remember>.

There was a long at the start, which was just a big loop.

This week we had military marshalls for the hash - there was a lot of noise going on with Winchester School CCF down in one of the valleys.  They kindly told us where the trail went.

We seemed to skirt along the edge of the woods for most of the trail - ending up near Stowford Woods

Quote of the week from Speedy “I'm hoping to have it off by the autumn gathering” (talking about the cast on his arm)

We lost English Muffin and co. (hence why Speedy had to photoshop them in to the photo)

Stix was fined for Nerd naming and Tampa for being late.

We forgot to vote for 'Trail of the Month' so will do this via a on-line vote!

Next week we're at teh Whi…

Christmas Hash - let me know if you will be coming

This year's Christmas Hash will be on Sunday 22nd December.  I have booked the White Hart in Exeter - please see the menu here (2 courses are £14.99, 3 courses £16.99 - there *may* be a hash subsidy for members).

I need to know who anticpates coming within the next few weeks so that they can reserve an appropriate room or space in the restaurant.

Please email or message me, via, or via facebook.

I will then need you menu choices and final confirmation by end of November.

At the moment, I have got a big YES from Stix, Bollards, Rocky, Speedy, Bullbait, Child Catcher, Stingray, Splat, Paperwork, Sorepoint, Twinpeaks, Howlin Wilf, Spocky, X-bit, Itzy, Son, Wide, Tight, Belltoll, Puss, Boots (+ children), Woodpecker, Mad Max

October 13th hash - Meeting point, car park and Sunday lunch

In two weeks time, the hash is being laid by me (and probably Bollards...) - we will meet by the bridge from the Cathedral and Quay car park, that goes over Western Way (by the City Wall) - its at the junction of South Street with Western Way (red cross below). You are best parking at the Cathedral and Quay or Magdelen Street Car Park.  After the hash, I've booke a table at the White Hart - menu is here . They also have the deal below.  There is also a gluten free/what free menu, and lots of veggie/vegan options.

Note, its the same day as the Great West Run, so there will be some diversions in place - these might affect you if ou're coming from the north of the city (e.g. Cowley Bridge / Tiverton / Stoke Canon) or if you normally use Pinhoe Road. See…

Ashclyst Forest - Bullbait - 29th September 2019

A good size pack turned out on a wet and windy Sunday morning at Ashclyst Forest.  Spocky welcomed the pack - with his two pairs of shorts on (I never quite worked out why).  We welcomed Chippy back - who'd come with Woodpecker.  And it was the last visit from Sorepoint and Paperwork with the summer coming to a close and their Sunday morning hashing returning to Taunton.  Spocky drew attention first to Speedy's broken wrist - which appeared longer than his unbroken one - and to Sorepoint's flashy new car. But Sorepoint told us that she'd been rear-ended (quote of the week?), and it wa sonly a hire car.

Rocky wrote the follwoing words:
It was a long short split at first and we went instantly down a hill. On the longs it was slippery and muddy, so we watched our footingThe longs were very long and when we had finished, we had trouble finding the trail in a forest. The marks had seemed to disappear as we went under some low branches. Child Catcher got very confused with th…

Hares required

Tight urgently requires hares for 6 and 20th October. Please contact her if you can help!