Hash Diary for October

Here's the City of Exeter H3 diary for October - hot off the press!

Sunday, 30 September, 11:00
Spinney Close, Exeter EX2 5PE (SX950916) [Hole-in-1]

Sunday, 7 October, 11:00
Squabmoor Reservoir, Woodbury Common (SY037844) [Woodpecker]

Sunday, 14 October, 11:00
Cockwood EX6 8RA (SX976806) OD Anchor Inn [Wide Receiver]
Friday, 19 October, 16:00
Autumn Gathering Weekend 2018 - Charterhouse Centre near Cheddar BS40 7XR (ST501557) [Spockybitz and friends]
Sunday, 28 October, 11:00
Pinhoe Railway Station (SX963941) [Bullbait and family]

Stoke Canon - Groucho and Bean Bag - 16th September 2018

Just a small group gathered for the hash this week, for probably our last hash at Bridge Farm.  John 'The Framer' is moving out at the end of the month, and we gathered in this farmyard as he and his family were busy working to help him get ready.
It was a rather small pack, partly because Twin Peaks, Bollards and Child Catcher were taking part in the 10km Killerton Relish Run, Spocky and family are probably moving house (still!), with apologies also sent from Strapo, Swampy and Woodpecker.  But it was great to see HT2 and Mildly Moist back with City of Exeter,
The trail took us through the back gate of the farmhouse, into the field beyond. It was a rutted field, and difficult to r*n.  There was a check, with a ha-ha, and then an early regroup by the road.  This was first of many, many regroups!  The longs took a little detour, before rejoining the shorts, and then right in another field and along the bank, before the second regroup in a field of bailed hay. The bails were in th…

Cranbrook - English Muffin, Baby Bear and Cupcake

The roast was already cooking at the Cranberry Farm by the time we arrived at 11am, and the smell from the extractor fan convinced a few of us that we definitely would be staying for lunch.  Bullbait did a tour of the car park on arrival, apparently so he could park next to us!  The hares warned us that there had been a fun run last weekend, which was marked in red, so they decided to mark the trail in "pinky-purple" - that'll make it absolutely clear then!The trail took us all around sunny Cranbrook, keeping to the open spaces mostly, and following some of the trail taken by last weeks Tour of Britain stage.  The sweetie stop was not far from the railway station, and we thanked the hares for the many inspiration messages that they had taken time to write on the pavement for the second half of the trail, such as "Work Hard Dream Big and Never Give Up"!.  Lots of loops, and lots of long-short splits - needed careful haring as we crossed the trail a couple of tim…

Poachers Inn, Ide - Bobby and Twin Peaks - 2nd September 2018

It was a very small select bunch of hashers who set off on this warm Sunday morning. Trail was laid by Twin Peaks and myself and was the second part of the Ide has started a year ago. The pack headed off in all directions until following the path that took them around the church and off towards West Farm. They then eventually found themselves on the old railway line track to Newton Abbott which they followed for ¾ mile before returning to the road. Then TP had laid the hash through the adjacentstream and under a bridge. Then on up the sweet stop. It was then nearly all downhill back to the Poachers with a range of 3.5 to 5 miles being covered.

Only one fine was issued to Stingray for not paying attention during the circle and he also claimed a record of the number of back arrows run of 10 including one run twice. These youngsters never learn. We also had another youngster who claimed he was a hasher called Groucho. Anybody know him?

Change of venue

Hello, please be advised we are changing the start location for hash 9th September from Cranbrook education campus to just up the road to cranberry farm pub. If anyone wants to eat at the pub afterwards they may, please let us know and we will book a table.

Parking is available in the pub car park and we will run down to the campus just in case anyone doesn't realise.

Many thanks

English muffin

Hash on 2 Sept

Hash from Poachers Ide on 2nd Sept. Part two of hash from last September. OD at Poachers Sunday lunch from 8.95 children 6.95. Please let me know if you want to eat so I can reserve On On Blobby

Sunday's trail

Please bring some food to share on Sunday, for the hash laid by Wide and Tight in Kingsteignton to celebrate Wide and Spocky's birthdays