Uphams Plantation - Woodpecker and Howlin' Wilf - 20th January 2019

Woodpecker had acquired the help of Howlin' Wilf as co-hare for this week's trail, although was he really doing Woodpecker a favour, or was he just saving himself £1 subs?  Talking of which, Spocky explained that 'favours' cannot be promised in part payment for the annual subs - which are now due!

As usual, reading notes from his little scrap of paper, Woodpecker told us that the walkers trail was 2 miles, the short was 3 and the long 4 miles, and you'll find the sweeties hidden at the sweetie stop "of gorse".

The trail began with a quick jaunt though the plantation, and a false trail then led us through some dog muck, but we were soon back on the main path, and then through the main part of the woods.  It seem liked there was an awful lot of really slippery downhills, and the hares had an aversion to using the main paths - at least on the longs.  There were four or five long-short splits on this trail, and I lost track of which one we were doing. There w…

Pynes Hill - BluToe and Hole in 1 - 30th December

A little late, but here are some photos from the last trail of 2018.

More... Haldon Belvedere - Blobhoblin and Twin Peaks - 6th January 2019

More photos from this morning's trail.  I really enjoyed my gorgeous drink - found crisps in my hair on the way home - but it was worth it for the comfort of those new shoes!

On on to next week, when we're at Joney's Cross for a trail laid by Drop Off.

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Haldon Belvedere - Twin Peaks and Blobhoblin - 6th January 2019

Was good to see many people for this morning's trail from Haldon Belvedere. Trail has laid by Twin Peaks and Blobhoblin with some special mince pie fish hooks. Not to be confused with fish pie mince hooks.

Lots of downhill and some uphill too and a few slips and falls in the shiggy.

The recipe for Stix's  special brew  can be seen from the pic.  He drank it from his shoe,  which is only fair  as it was brand new. 
On On. Bullbait

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Kennford - Stix and Bollards - 23rd December 2018

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas! I'm still recovering from the pizza on Sunday. Definitely going back for more...

We'd laid the trail on the morning, since we were at the rugby the day before, and that involved a few beers after Chief's win. But it was all planned on the map, and apart from a path that didn't exist, all went to plan.

It wasn't going to plan for everyone else though. A late message from Tight explained how their car was running but they had locked the keys inside, and another from Swampy explaining that Strapo had a bad back (and definitely not a hang over). Also a phone call from Tampa asking where we were meeting... I answered outside the pub, and he replied saying that that's where he was. Technically he was closer to the pub than us, but not by much, and we were just around the corner!

It took a while to find the trail at the beginning, and then there was an early stream crossing, before a stretch alongside a very nois…

Sunday's Trail - Pizza and Chips for £6

The trail this Sunday will not be a long one (we're laying it on the morning... after Chiefs playing Saracens the night before!)
Its from Kennford, starting from the village centre (map).  As a hash special, The Seven Stars will do pizza and chips for £6/head.  At the moment, they're expecting 15 - please let me know if you want to come.