Cheriton Bishop - Woody - 14th July 2019

Words this written by Speedy and Rocky.

This week we hashed from Cherrington Bishop on the bridge over the A30 laid by woody.
The hare planned very hot weatherRun number 943Stingray cleverly decided that there where 2 ways that it could be to get off the bridge.We accidentally ran through the primary schoolWe completed a loop before crossing over the bridge where we startedStingray took his top offRocky and stingray cooled off in someone’s sprinklerWe ran through another field before reaching the sweet stopWoof Woof said that she wanted 4 children, because if there is 3 then there is always an odd one out, Spocky suggested that to achieve 4 children she should go to Woodpeckers pool, like X-bits did.Spocky kicked a dog (accidentally)The longs ran up a hill before finding a very funny joke (HAHA)In the circle fines were awarded toSpocky the usualVarious for sitting downEnglish Muffin and Baby Bare's brand new baby was named Pit Stop becuause tey had to take a pit stop to change a na…

Ilford (Bitz's Manor) - Spockybitz - 7th July 2019

As we drove in, we met a road block on the lane. What are these nutters doing- then we realised it was Twin Peaks and Howlin' Wilf, who were lost.  For once, I was the only who knew where the Bitz's lived.

After Bullbait and Childcatcher had some dubious conversation about meat in baps, Spocky announced that the trail wasn't very long, and he'd only decided this morning which direction it was going to go in.  We headed down the lane and into a field.  We ran round the field. Then we ran round another field. And ran around that same field again.  It was hot!  Thinking that all these fields look the same, we may or may not have run around one of the fields a third time.  There were plenty of long-short splits, and these may have taken us around a field.  In the second half, we crossed the lane and around what was definitely a different field.  We had a sweetie stop in the corner, before heading into the neighbouring field and running around it.  The on home took us past …

Exminster - Bollards - 30th June 2019

Words by Speedy and Rocky this week. Hopefully Spocky has got a photo... there was no Happy Snapper and Stix stayed home cooking pizzas

Today it was hot and humid. We started in the back garden of the house and circled up, we then started by going around the field. On the field were 2 long short splits quite close together. As we exited the estate we came to another long short split in short succession. The longs went up and around and the shorts went direct to a check where it took a long time to find out which way the trail went and was eventually found. When the longs caught up the shorts were already having a sit down on a park bench while they waited for the longs to go past the fishhook which was numbered 8. The next thing that happened was the sweet stop, which was held in a play park where Spocky, Bullbait, Paperwork tried to impress the ladies by completing a kid balancing rope. Then it was almost straight back to the finish where we had two more long short splits before runn…

Sunday's trail... Pizza and beer - you bring the rest!

We'll provide pizza and beer, you provide the nibbles, salad and pudding!

See you in Exminster!

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Pynes Hill, Exeter - Total Eclipse - 23rd June 2019

Back to our usual little meeting point on Pynes Hill, where Tampa was doing his best to be a parking attendant - he could play that role more often he he arrived on time!  As it was Total Eclipse's virign lay, she  had asked for advice on trail laying on facebook - she was reminded of her less helpful responses at the opening circle!
The trail set off down Ludwell Lane, with a Long-Short straight away, with the Longs taking a path through the trees and fields running parallel to the lane. We headed up the field and then got a bit lost in the next one.  Finally Paperwork found a mark up on the ridge, but it might have been a bit of a short cut.  Up on the top, we found marks to the left and the right - probably because we approached the check by running a false in the wrong direction.  But we had picked up the trail and it had slowed us down, so job done!  Across a meadow and down to a second long short - the long took us to the road, across the brook and back along the other side.…

Autumn Gathering 2019

2019 Autumn Gathering...back to Cheddar for the 25-27th October

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Teignmouth - Wide Receiver - 16th June 2019

East Cliff car park is always busy on a Sunday morning.  And it was the same today - might have been the church-goers or might have been the life-saving club.  The added confusion of a no-cash "pay & display" machine was creating long queues. 

We were there by 10.20, but 20 mins later there wasn't a spot remaining.  Bullbait and I were quietly enjoying a glass of his home-brew before we noticed it was 10 past 11, and feared the the pack had left without us!  Thankfully this wasn't the case - and others were busy racing to to 'occupy' the car spaces for hashers who were still searching.  We welcomed the family of new-comers in the circle,  but we were  still not all-there... Tampa and Belltoll had left it just too late, and were still searching for spaces when the pack left the car park at about 11.15.  Soon after that, Woodpecker arrived after touring the car parks of Teignmouth with a faulty sat-nav!  All of them caught up eventually!

The trail took us p…