Hash Coronacircle #14 - it'll be a funny one

Image as normal tomorrow at 11.05. After last week's hard work with Groucho's brain teasers, this week is much easier. Just come with your favourite Coronavirus or Lockdown jokes.

Hash Coronacircle #13

We're trying again with Groucho's Brain Teasers this week, after dinner technical difficulties last week. He's book marked the page this week!Same time, same place, for unlucky-for-some Coronacircle #13. >>> <<< >>> 11.05, Sunday <<<

Hash Coronacircle #12

Technical problems delayed Groucho's entrance into the Hash Coronacircle, but he made it just as everyone else was leaving!  And then those that remained continued for another half an hour, with Xbitz and Spocky accidently joining us for a second time! 
We never did get a brain teaser, other than trying to work out how many pieces of wood it takes to build Spocky's 100 square metres of decking. 
So it'll be a brain teaser week again next Sunday!
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Hash Coronacircle #12 - Groucho's Brain Teasers

Our prestigious leader and life president, Groucho, joined us last week for the first time, and he's definitely coming back tomorrow with some more of his Brain Teasers. 
Hope you can join in, 11.05,

Hash Coronacircle #11 - Sunday's theme

This week is all about TIME because in 1859 – the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament, which houses Big Ben, starts keeping time. So bring your favourite clock, watch, or make you own. Alternatively, if your name is Ben and you're Big, then you're already sorted. Be imaginative, and be on time, 11.05

Hash Coronacircle #10 - 24th May 2020

First of all, sorry for taking a photo of Tight's cleavage! And Ménage was in his garden, hence the photo of the tree. 
It had taken Brains and Tampa about half an hour on the technical support line to Coffin, but they made it eventually. Tampa had a birthday beer, but he had gone mute, or at least his microphone had, so we couldn't hear him. But we sang happy birthday in the normal hashing way. Rocky and I were in Cockwood, and Tight and Wide were at Coryton Cove, where they made him a birthday cake (see below). Good to see Spocky and Xbitz too, although they arrived in typical Tampa style - late!  On on to next week! 
Maybe there will be a change in socialising rules on Thursday, but currently the company covering the hash insurance has cancelled cover, so we need to think carefully if we want to resume anytime soon. As Tampa has already pointed out, that might mean private land with permissive access is not permitted e.g. Woodbury Common.