Hash Coronacircle #3 - 5 April 2020

Todays challenge was to where something on your head, this was shown through a variety of different methods, including masks, traditional hats, sunglasses and the obvious one, ball bags.
• Most of us had logged on by 11:05 except for Woodpecker for reasons that will be explained later. • Ménage was already drinking by the time that we had started. • People had logged on to see Stix with some toilet paper strapped to his head • We circled up and explained what each of our items on our head was • Rocky wore a scrum cap • Spocky wore some sunglasses • Bollards wore a concreate baby blanket • Odd Bits wore a jester hat • Wobbly Bits wore a Japanese head band • Wide wore sort of mask • Tight wore a onesie • Sorepoint had a tea cosy • paperwork had punk hair • A little moist had a hat I think!! And so did Woody... Not very original!! • Speedy wore a basketball net with balls in it which he described as a “ball bag”. To which someone said “look speedy has got a ball bag on his head” • Splat had a ping pong …

Hash Coronacircle #3

Circling up again tomorrow Sunday at 11.05.

The theme for this week is 'Come with something on your head'.
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Hash Coronacircle Number 2

Good to "see" everyone again this morning. Wide came in his dinner jacket and revealed his unexpected item to be a metal detector! Belltoll showed us his garden, I revealed my silk underpants, Spocky had a dictionary, slide rules from Oddbitz and Blobby, Bollards' Tibetan singing bowl, Ménage had his Grandmother's nutmeg, and Speedy's 400m running certificate!  
Anyone got a suggestion for next week?
On on to the Self Isolated Hash on Wednesday!

Has Coronacircle tomorrow

Bollards and I thought it works be a good idea to have a theme tomorrow. So it will be
"Show something that you wouldn't expect me to own"
Remember it's a family hash!! ;-)
See you at 11.05 at
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Virtual Hash Coronacircle #2

So did you enjoy last night's Self Isolated Hash? Are you ready for Sunday's Virtual Hash Coronacircle #2? Did you read the hash words from last week?
It seems that Facebook only allows 8 on the hash, so we'll use instead. You can download the mobile app, or launch from your computer browser
Circle up at 11.05!

Virtual Hash Coronacircle #1 - 22nd March 2020

Thanks everyone for taking part in the rather hastily organised virtual Hash "Corona"Circle at 11.05 today. didn't work, so we used facebook Messenger instead.  If you are wondering we its 11.05, its becuase Tampa and Woodpecker are always late.  Sadly on this occasion neither were able to make it.  In all, we were please to welcome Xbitz and Spockbitz, the D-family, Team Wide&Tight, Belltoll, The ChildBait family, Boots (briefly), Drop Off, Mengage, and Zoot to the circle.

It was good to see eveyone, but did notice that everyone looks so much older via video call!  We saw Bull Bait's Coronacheck in his back garden, and the woolly virus that Childcatcher made. We spoke about home schooling, and Bull Bait offered to mark everyone's maths work. 

Pleasing also to hear that Stingray has recovered quickly from his fever.

Belltoll spoke about devon hash plans to lay a trail every Wednesday, and for hashers go aout andr*n at any time.  And we're all pl…

Hash suspended

Unfortunately we (the committee) have decided to stop the hash till further notice. This is very sad but very important that we follow the advice given. Onon Spockster