Haldon Chalets - Wide Receiver - 15th October 2017

Words by Rocky this week.

Today, we went for a run at Haldon Chalets; the layby (not to be confused with the café car park.) Some people did not get the message about the car park swap such as: Dobby, Spocky, Woodpecker, Happy Snapper, Bullbait and family, Tampa and I could go on and on.

After a while, everyone was finally at the right car park. Happy Snapper however was a tiny bit late but caught up with trail. First of all, we went down the main road and directly into a debris forest then we came to a long-short-split. It was either a really quite sharp prickly way, or straight on down the path, the longs went straight through the bramble bush. When we reached the woods again it turned into a Parkour course I don’t think anyone would have ran, as the trees’ branches were so low, after that we reached a clearing to find a check, we went downhill and it was certainly autumn. Then we found ourselves looping to go back through the forest. We re- joined the shorts. We went down a rocky lea…

Thorverton - Twin Peaks - 8th October 2017

Words by Bollards Thorverton Parish Council had kindly allowed us to use the village hall car park so Twin Peaks was there to greet us and wave us through the gates.  The sun was beating down; not the usual October weather -but welcomed. The trail was three and on, with several long/short splits; the first at the beginning of the trail where the shorts went right, (or was that left?) just out of the car park.  The longs faffed around for a while, crossing over a ford, then back, generally ambling around until they decided to go in the direction of the shorts, then found an interesting diversion down a bank and along a stream until a cross appeared and everyone turned back, slipping on the rocks in the process and makings sure that no-one exited the stream dry. Back on the road again, the trail took a right turn along a disused road.  Another long/short split took saw the longs gravitating towards, and into, the stream again, when the actual trail went along the edge and up onto an old…

Last chance to be a 2017 hare

Hares are required for the the following dates

26th November **I need a confirmed venue by 20th October**
3rd December
10th December

HABERDASHERY for 2018 - final chance

Groucho will be putting in an order very soon for City of Exeter H3 hash haberdashery.
You can choose your own colour, design and style.  Take a look at the catalogue on the Personal Touch website  There are no prices on the site - contact Groucho for details ( but the information and photoa below give some examples of what we ordered last time.

SS10 Mens T-shirt - £11.00 (clothing)  + £3.00 (add name etc) = £14.00
JC002 Performance long sleeved T-shirt - £10.00 + £3.00 = £13.00
SS14 Adult Hoodie - £16.95
SS6B Kids T-shirt - £7.00 + £3.00 = £10.00
SS10 Mens T-shirt - £11.00 + £3.00 = £14.00
JH055 Ladies Full Zip Hoodie - £18.95 + £3.00 = £21.95
JH050 Mens Full Zip Hoodie - £18.95 + £3.00 = £21.95
JH050B - Kids Full Zip Hoodie - £15.75
SS77B Girls T-shirt - £7.00
11970 Boys T-shirt - £7.00
GD05B - Kids T-shirt - £7.00 + £3.00 = £10.00
SS9 Adult Sweatshirt - £14.50
SS27 Adult Polo Shirt - £13.80

Uphams Wood, Woodbury Common - Dobby - 1st October 2017

There was a really good turnout for today’s trail.  Even those who had been celebrating Strappo’s 50th managed to come along. Dobby had laid a three and on trail which was “quite short”* to take into account the delicate disposition of those who had been celebrating.  There were numerous long/short/walk splits and two fish-hooks, each requiring 6 to return to the hare. The trail started by crossing the road and heading through some gorsey terrain.  There was plenty of shiggy too.  There was some confusion after the long and short trails re-joined with a spurious cross that no-one seemed to know what to do with.  We could hear the pack calling on ahead so decided to head towards the noise.  I’m not sure that was the right thing to do, but we soon picked up trail again and crossed a stream before heading into the woods.   The hare popped up to guide us across a road then the longs lost the trail again but the back runners managed to find the right way. Anyway, eventually we got to a s…

Dalditch Farm - Woodpecker (and Spocky) - 24th September 2017

The first part of today's trail consisted of everyone asking everyone else how many and on it was.   Everyone admitted that they hadn't been listening in the circle, so we never really worked out whether the information was given out in the first place.  Anyway, we reckoned on three and on and it seemed to work.
I've very little idea where the trail went; standard for me for Woodbury common, but there were plenty of long/short splits to keep everyone together.  Plenty of shiggy in places and some large puddles that proved attractive to Splat and Lethal Weapon, among others.
As can be seen from the photograph below, we had to fight our way through undergrowth at times and it was very prickly.  They get everywhere - CC can vouch for that.
Paperwork managed to collide with a dog; belonging to some "normal" people just out for a nice Sunday morning walk.  I don't think the owners were too impressed and told him to slow down!
We had a sweetie stop followed by the …

Clannaborough Cross - Woody - 17th September 2017

Tick warning - please check for ticks following today's trail!  Info about Lyme Disease and ticks here.A reminder that Groucho will be putting in an order at the end of September for City of Exeter H3 hash haberdashery. See here for more details.Hares required for 26th November, 3rd and 10th December, and January 7th. [Words by Bollards] Woody explained that there were no long/short splits on the hash this week because it had been thundering when she laid it.  Clannaborough Cross is quite an exposed location, so I really didn't blame her for not wanting to be a lightning conductor.  We had a quick lesson on check-backs, as Woody did them just a little differently from what we are used to; with an extra dot to indicate which side to check on.  (Must be a Kirton thing).
There was slight confusion at the start when most of the pack found the walkers trail, but Woody quickly called us on in the right direction and we started heading uphill.  Woodpecker joined us at this point as h…