Topsham - Hole-in-1 - 26th March 2017

I arrived at the car park a little early, but took Bull Baits advice and didn’t purchase my parking ticket at that point just in case we had a really long run and didn’t get back within the 2 hour timeslot.  Some people didn’t purchase parking tickets at all as they parked on the road (Damp-patch), and nearly got run over for their trouble while trying to cross over to the car park.  Unfortunately, he also managed to leave his fine money in the car, so he owes 20p the next time he hashes.  As the time ticked towards 11am and there was still no sign of the hare, we began to wonder whether she had remembered to put her clock forward, but luckily, just a few minutes after 11 she arrived, without her co-hare, Blutoe, who had decided to stay in bed!
The trail was 2 and on and had taken Holeinone over 3 hours to lay.  We started off by crossing the railway line and heading along the Clyst St Mary road.  There was a long/short split which took the longs on a winding route around some allotments as the plot holders looked on, completely bemused.   Back on the road again, we headed up to Highfield Farm, an area that we have not hashed in before.  There were many remarks about it being a lovely area.  We admired the water tower and had a regroup where Holeinone told us that we would be revisiting the outbound trail on our way back and to look out for an “O2” mark which was a check for the second time.  This all made sense, although Son-of-the-Bitz decided to vocalise how stupid he thought this was, which caused much amusement.
The trail wound its way through Topsham to the sweetie stop on the edge of the Estuary where we had a conversation about what to feed ducks.
The final leg took us past the Lighter Inn and on towards the Goat Walk, but we never got there, as we checked up a dead end, got quite confused, found a backcheck, found the hare and then wandered indirectly back to the Car Park.
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Sunday, 2 April Stoke Woods upper car park (map) for Splat's Birthday Hash - Bullbait and family
Sunday, 9 April Great Western Canal Country Park (Canal Basin), Tiverton (map)
- Hole in One Bring change - pay and display £1.50 for 2 hrs or £3 all day

Templer Way, Liverton - Mouthful and No Butt - 19th March 2017

It was a large turnout for No Butt and Mouthful’s second hash for City of Exeter from this venue. We arrived nice and early, remembering the car park from last time around! The hares arrived at about 5 to 11, complete with takeaway coffee and the circle eventually got together at about 5 past, which was strange as there weren’t really any late comers.

Newton St Cyres - Groucho - 12th March 2017

A quick please before the words: Hares urgently required for April 9th, 23rd and 30th.   Please volunteer ASAP.
As normal for “Grizzly Sunday” there was a small turnout. We considered having a minutes silence for those partaking while we waited for Woodpecker to arrive, but instead Groucho just put some easy to follow marks at the beginning of the trail.

Dalditch Riding Stables - Spocky and Itzybitz - 5th March 2017

Nice to be back at the Riding Stables for our second visit, and the spectacular cream teas were being highly anticipated as the pack gathered in the cold and wind.  As we huddled together, Groucho announced that Sunday lunches would be available next week at the Crown and Sceptre in Newton St Cyres for £7.50.