Mincinglake Valley Park, Exeter - STAND-IN HARES Spocky and Child Catcher - 10th April 2017

Thanks to Spocky and Childcatcher for standing in as hares this week. Hope Hole-in-1 gets well soon!

Tomorrow's trail

Due to Hole-in-1's ill health, we will have different hares tomorrow - to be decided - but at the very least, I've planned a route! If you'd like to lay it live, then let me know. Otherwise we'll choose hares on the morning.

Instead of parking in Widecombe Way, we'll meet here (only 2 mins walk away): 50.740423, -3.511280 - i.e. at the Scout Hut car park on the bend in Stoke Hill Road.

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Urgent. Hare required for SUNDAY

Unfortunately Hole-in-1 has been taken ill. She's at home but may have to return to hospital this weekend. That leaves us without a hare for Sunday Would anyone be willing to step in and lay a trail around Stoke Hill/Mincinglake? On on Stix

Xmas hash

HHHI ALL, Looks like we will have to do the typical British thing this year and queue for our Chrismas carvery!  Still should be lots of fun with the trail from Joneys Cross and the Cat and Fiddle booked for 1pm ish.
Large Cavery £10 Small Carvery £8 Under 12s cheaper again Followed by Awards etc... Oh! and don't forget you will get a free Drink!!
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Blobby and Twin Peaks 3/12/17

Sent from my iPhoneGreat hash today from Blobby and Twin Peaks, who doesn't look anywhere near a certain significant birthday! I clocked 4.3 miles on a lovely flat trail along the river interspersed with Spocky attempting to push me in 😀. Spocky took a detour back into the woods at one point to have a wee we think but we weren't sure! Blobby provided his tasty fudge at the sweetie stop which we had on a section of footpath that had been closed to enable a ferry (The spirit of Loch Ness?!) to be lifted onto the water. Then it was back on home, catching half the pack with a series of fishhooks. We ended by singing Happy Birthday to Speedy who delightfully showered everyone with beer!

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Canal path and Jawa Sand Crawler

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