Hash #983 - Kennford - Stix and Speedy - 20th September 2020

Nine of us this week on trail, starting from the Kenn Centre in Kennford. 
No Bitz's this week. And Tight had a cold 🤧 Bollards was in charge and introduced Stix as the COVID-officer (and hare). A one and on trail Stix supplied a bag of sealed packets of sweets distributed on the floor for anyone to carry for the regroup. A hilly loop for the longs at the start The shorts headed across the motorway towards the Orange Elephant Up some steep fields with a fish hook, to the regroup. The shorts took a short short! The longs had a few extra miles around the footpaths and lanes of Shillingford Abbot. Lots of wrong checking by the FRBs! Woof Woof magically appeared from the hedges! Howling Wilf got lost. And an 'interesting' run in along the motorway
There is no trail next week because we don't have a hare (unless there is a volunteer!) And anyway we decided that post COVID lockdown hashes may not be every week until the numbers on trail grow a little.

Tomorrow's hash

Just a reminder to complete the registration form for tomorrow's hash at the Kenn Centre, next to Partidges Cycles in Kennford:
Registration form:
You'll notice some changes to the registration form and the Guidelines which I've made so that our compliance with with the new legislation that was introduced on Monday ("Rule of 6") is absolutely clear. This doesn't actually require any more information from you, but you are required to complete a COVID-19 self assessment before attending the hash.
If you are unable to complete the registration form online, please email me  
But, no-one should leave home to participate in the hash if they, or someone they live with, has any of the following: o A high temperature o A new, continuous cough o A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste
The other significant change is that the legislation dictates that you should not trave…

Hashing and the new 'Rule of Six'

As an organised outdoor sport / physical activity, hashing is an exempt the COVID-19 'rule of 6' introduced on 14th September 2020. The hash is adhering to the Governmental guidance issued / updated on 10 September ( 
We have produced and updated various documents that detail procedures and mitigations that ensure that we adhere to the guidelines above. Please make sure that you read them carefully - the registration form that you are required to complete asks for confirmation that you have done so.  This includes a Risk Assessment, an event Delivery Plan and a Guideline document. In addition it is now mandatory that participants undertake a COVID-19 self assessment no more than 48 hours before each hash event.  We also ask participants to provide contact details to support NHS Test & …

Hash #982 - Haldon Hill - Wide Receiver - 13th September 2020

Todays hash reminded me of all those summer hashes that we're normally used to, but have missed this year!  15 of us arrived at the Route 5 diner's car park.  Thakfully the vintage car rally that had filled the car park earlier had left, but there were a few intersting old vehicles left to admire. Perhaps those were the ones that were in a fit state to drive?Wide explained that he had had a nightmare with his keys. He was the hare and part way round laying the trail, he realised that they were missing.  He legged it back (keeping the last bit of the trail simple), but still couldn't find them.  He called Tight to bring up a spare set in case he'd locked them in the car - but still no sign of them. Turns out someone had handed them in to the diner!  Shame there were no fines this week!It was a good hour's r*n, with a bit of shiggy and lots of shade in the wood to keep us cool.  A couple of long shorts, and he often took the opportunities to confuse us on the trail. …

Don't forget to register for Sunday's hash

We expect everyone attending the hash to register for NHS Test and Trace. Please do so in advance if possible, or if you do not have easy access to a smartphone or web access, please email, or ask me to register you on arrival.
The venue on Sunday 13th is Route 5, Haldon Hill, Devon Expressway, Kennford, Exeter EX6 7XS, UK (map)

Hashing, and Rule of Six

Just a clarification note following the recent Government announcement on the New legislation ('Rule of Six'). This mirrors the accouncement from the Ramblers.
As an organised ‘outdoor physical activity events’, Hashig is exempt from the restrictions on social gatherings (from 14 September). 


As we decided when we returned to hashing, the hash will continue to monitor the situation weekly, and take decisions accordingly. 
However Sunday's trail at Route 5 will take place as planned. Route 5, Haldon Hill, Devon Expy, Kennford, Exeter EX6 7XS, UK (map)