Hash insurance reinstated, hash trial penciled in.

With the SWASH insurance now restored from August 1st, some packs locally are looking to return to hashing in whatever form they can. Others are not wanting to compromise and are waiting until we are able to run as a pack again. In any case, please keep an eye on the Diary for updates and use the links below to ensure it's all undertaken safely and within the Governments guidelines.
Please find the attached GUIDE which it is hoped will assist packs with what should be considered in order to keep the risk of infection to a minimum. This is just for guidance for now, so please keep an eye on these pages for updates on the lifting of restrictions. Keep safe and keep in touch. Buzby

City of Exeter's trial hash is penciled in for 16th August from Woodbury Common. Given the rapidly changing situation, a final decision will be made during w/c 10th August, and the venue details will only be released to those that pre-register (for track and trace, and to ensure that legal…

Updated City of Exeter H3 hash diary

The hash diary has been updated:
Aug 16, 2020 11:00AM
City of Exeter H3 - Woodbury Common (location announced to registrants
only) - Spockybitz

See for full details
On On
City of Exeter H3

Hash meeting and Coronacircle #21

It's Rocky's birthday this Sunday, and I hope he'll make an appearance at the circle on the day he becomes a teenager! And for some fun (!) we can review the guidelines that Child Catcher and I put together for the trial, return to hashing, on 16 August. There's a link to the guideline and risk assessment documents below.!ApHDHcDP2T-1gapA4fWELhrfEVT1Tg
Hope to see a few of you tomorrow, at 11.05.

City of Exeter H3 Trial Hash for a Restart

It was decided at the Hash Coronacircle on Sunday to hold a City of Exeter hash, as a trial for a possible permanent return to hashing, on Sunday 16th August. Spocky will lay the trail from Joneys Cross on Woodbury Common, subject to the South West H3 insurance being active.
We are currently working through the guidelines and procedures that we will need everyone to sign up to, and we hope to publish these next week. There will be opportunity to comment on these at the Hash Coronacircle this Sunday.
If the trial is thought to have been successful by the mismanagement, then we would like to restart hashing from September.
Details will be provided on our Facebook group and page, and at

Hash meeting and Coroncircle #20

We've got to hash Coronacircle number 20 and it's time to think about how we might restart hashing on a Sunday.
With gyms reopening and gatherings of up to 30 now allowed (by law), some hashes across the country have been running for a couple of months now.
After a discussion last week, it was suggested that we might restart in August, but the hash mismanagement would welcome everyone's opinion.
Note that government guidance e.g. is not the same as the law e.g.  
This means that we might want to set our own guidance specific to our hash that essentially replaces the broad-brush governmental advice, and consider writing risk assessments that everyone 'signs up to'. This might include keeping to small running pods, maintain distancing, bring own beer & …

Hash Coronacircle #19

Are we nearly there yet? Hoping this week's will be one of the last hash cornacircles? on Sunday at 11.05