8th November - Keepers Cottage - Groucho

As 11am approached the hashers had parked up, where they could, and Groucho called the circle. Horny Woman called ahead advising she was on her way and we were not to go without her and then Odd-Bitz arrived and proceeded to break up our hash circle by driving straight through the middle of it (not the actions of a responsible sherrif!!).

Stat-Nav made an announcement on behalf of Tuned-In and Radiohead, after 36 hours of painful labour they were now the proud parents of a little baby girl. Stat-Nav added that in admiration of Tuned-In's efforts he had asked Radiohead what 36 hours of the worse ever and apparently never ending pain could possibly feel like......"well it's kind of like one of Groucho's boardgames!", replied Radiohead.

Anyway, once the circle had re-gathered we were sent off by the Hare, with Woodpecker being the last to arrive but first out the blocks. Down hill we went (metaphorically so did this hash) and onto a check where Tampa went racing off following the flour - back to this in a minute! In the meantime Odd-Bitz had found a 6ft long branch and threw it, playing fetch with Jaws!!! In a valiant effort Jaws did try his hardest to bring back the stick, even though it was ten times the size of himself.

In the meantime, On-On was hard in the distance. Tampa had found the trail. As the hashers, and the hare, followed down the hill we came to a cross??? I can't be this way then??? The hare called everyone back to the check and the returning Tampa was not impressed that he had found 3dots and a check. He had followed the trail correctly through the woods and now expressed his displeasure at being called all the way back up the hill.

Confussion over and back down the hill we went, through the marshy ground at the bottom, where Emerald avoided her first fish-hook of the day. Through the woods we twisted and turned before racing up to the sweet stop. Twin Peaks had hidden the sweets so well that she had to find them herself.

At the sweet stop it was announced that we were celebrating a hash birthday and the usual hash chorus broke out scaring all the dogs and most of the wildlife living in the woods. Many Happy Returns Scarf-face.

On-on, and we set off on the trail, Top Cat keeping pace with the front runners (Radiohead has a challenger in the making here!). On to the long-short split, which also contain a short/long and a long/long. Slip Shod was racing so fast down the hill he missed what the second set of signs actually said and the smile was soon wiped off Stat-Nav's face as he lost his shoe and had to go back to retrieve it from the middle of really dirty puddle!

Where the shorts and longs met again we came to the "Wall of Death"!! Tail lamp lead the way - the wrong way!! The rest of the hash negotiated the "Wall of Death" and once we were all at the top we were instructed back down again!! Thank you Hare!

It wasn't long before we were back in the car park enjoying beers and nuts. Several fines were dished out (can't remember them all now) and we had a naming. Congratualtions Flat Foot.

A good hash - thank you Groucho (assisted by Twin Peaks).


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