15th November - Mamhead obelisk car park - Blobhoblin

Looking out of the window on Saturday you could have been forgiven for thinking that this weekends hash was going to be a wash out. However, Blob had covered that off and organised fine weather for the atheletes that turned up and also arranged a personal parking space for Up Yours.

Everyone was there ready for the off, apart from Horny Woman who had made contact with Spocky Bitz and advised that she was currently conducting a tour of the Haldon Hill car parks (and she says she's not into dogging!!).

After being completely misled and pointed in the wrong direction by the On On sign on the ground, the hare intervened and called the hashers back. Away the hashers raced with Stat Nav finding the right direction and calling the rest of the pack on. However, simple lad as he is, was totally confussed by the next sign. Away he strod into the undergrowth, before Tampa arrived to point out that he should have followed the trail up onto and through the wooden obstacle course. Tampa's higher IQ was quickly brought into question when he was first to slip off the wooden obstacle!!

On the hashers raced, walked and crawled through the woods and onto a hash halt. Looking into the distance we could see to figures running towards us......could it be 'real' runners?.....don't think so.....could it be Del Boy and Rodney dressed as Batman and Robin?.....don't think so but this did look the most likely.....or could it be Horny Woman and Odd Bitz?.....it was, dogging over Horny Woman had caught up with the hash.

A warning was provided by the hare that we would encountering a road crossing - a warning more for the elderly and infirm in the hash than the children I believe!! Away they raced over the road and onto the next hash halt.

From here it was briefly down hill and Spocky Bitz could be seen carrying more Top Cat to the fish hook (we have noticed that you've learnt very quickly to slow down at fish hooks Top Cat!).

Further downhill and a back check latter (or is that a Check Back, Tampa and Isosceles?) the hashers crossed the river and up through the woods and onto the sweetie stop.

The hardest chewiest sweets were handed out, eventually finished chewing back at the car park, and the lovely view down the valley was enjoyed by all.

On On went the hashers, straight into a long-short split, although we think the longs could have been shorter than the shorts. Once the shorts caught up we were on our way again. Fish hooks were being dished out to numerous people before we arrived at another hash halt marked out with a long-short split sign and an accompanying question mark. The hare confessed to not remembering which way was the long and which was the short. A gamble was taken and for the second time today the longs arrived way before the shorts at the next regroup. Infact the shorts never arrived so the hare sent us on and up the hill we raced before turning and heading back to the car park, where the shorts were already waiting.

Another lovely day and a very enjoyable hash. Thank Blobhoblin and your trusty assistance Groucho.


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