6th December - Ideford Common - Blobhoblin

After days of rain all looked bright on this Sunday morning. Woodpecker turned up early, Tampa was happy AND early and there was a new hasher in town. 17 hashers joined in the circle welcoming the new hasher Radio Ga Ga with her first hash at just 4 weeks old. She looks more like Chad each day....where is he by the way?????
The hare gave us our instructions and off we set. Radiohead off to a good start had to run back to his car as he'd left his keys behind......in the ignition!!! Down a muddy trail getting caught in some rough woodland. Flour must be in short supply in Alphington as the dots seemed rather small.
Spocky was leading the way with Stat Nav lurking near the back complaining of a cold (man flu). After going up hill and down dale through the woodland we were onto a regroup where we all waited for Radio Ga Ga to catch up. (More like Chad each day)
On the pack went, at pace with plenty of puddle splashing (Spocky) and puddle avoiding (Chesty and Horny Woman). Down an incredibly muddy path led to the sweetie stop where we were treated to an assortment of sweeties such as love hearts, double dips, lollies and truffles. X-Bitz particularly enjoyed her double dip??!! Stat Nav seemed to recover from his man flu to consume his fair share of the truffles. With the pack now restless on they went again through more mud and across the road onto a lovely open stretch with some fish hooks to keep everyone in check. Tit Bitz was seen running back and forth with the fish hooks but she was just a blur of stripey socks.
Onto another regroup where the pack set off but where was Radiohead? He had been summoned to look after Radio Ga Ga. This left Spocky, a newly invigorated Stat Nav, Tit Bitz and Rare Bitz to lead the way in a blur of athletic brilliance! (?????-ED) Their trail took them through ankle deep mud and water with Emerald and X-Bitz taking the easy option as they didn't want to try and swim home.
Back in the circle the fines were handed out, Radiohead for finishing a hash weighing twice as much as he had when he started and leaving his keys handily in the ignition of his car, Isosceles for arriving late, Woodpecker for short cutting. Blobhoblin was awarded the pink hand bag for a misdemeanor that escapes my memory.
Well done Blobby for a good hash a fitting one for Radio Ga Ga's first hash.

NB. A very strange thing happened in the car park after the hash. Woodpecker was seen to drop a nylon stocking which he hastily tried to pick up but was caught in the act by Radiohead who, being the soul of discretion he is, decided not to tell anyone! So his secret is safe with me. There could be a simple explanation, he robs banks in his spare time.


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