29th November - The Maer CP, Exmouth - Oddbitz + Fruity Bitz

What a miserable day weather-wise, yet 12 hashers braved the elements and turned up to suffer the hash trail, or was it trial, laid by Odd Bitz and Fruity Bitz.
It was raining as we set off, good start that was, with a strong wind thrown in for good measure. However the hares gave us a good start with some urban running, although it was uphill. After about ten minutes we finally went off road and on to the first of two long short splits, only the hare informed up that the long was the short and vice versa. We, the pack, just nodded well what else can you do??? The short was like walking in a field in which the plant life was in need of water, plenty of water. Within seconds the sound of sodden trainers could be heard as they continually entered this wetland landscape.
As we approached a gate over which we had to climb we encountered a sea, yes a sea of brown ankle deep mud, enriched with cow pats, or crap for short. At this point Isosceles ran off in the direction from which we had come shouting that he had a lunch appointment that he had forgotten about.
Then there was a pleasant run down a lane where we were treated to some tourist information from Sorepoint informing us that as we passed a National Trust barn that she and Paperwork helped restore as volunteers. However she did not tell us about the next landmark, a very steep track which was like a 'v' shaped valley. The geographical feature had several hidden features, mud in abundance of various depths and a stream which today was like a continual flow of chocolate....what a cocktail! Add to this the fact that our hares had added several fish hooks or back arrows and you can picture the scene. Several hashers including Tail Lamp and Groucho, put their heads down only seeing mud and trainers, in this case the trainers belonging to the other hashers doing the fish hooks.
Once at the top, some 15 minutes later, we all expected to find the sweetie stop, but no, all we had from the hares were those delightful words, long/short split, only this time the distances were as normal, whatever normal might be. After a period of normalness we had our first view of the sea for a while, there we were perched on the top of the cliff. Fruity Bitz did her elf and safety bit informing the now drained pack that the cliff was falling away in a few places so be careful. She was a kind hare....no mention of these hazards from Odd Bitz!
Still no sweetie stop, the pack were becoming restless especially Tampa we weren't sure if he had any breakfast, also we had now been going for 50 minutes! Next came a steep drop down towards sea level, it was very runable but the wind was in fact trying to blow us in the opposite direction. We saw the odd bit of litter being blown past like tumbleweed.
Finally we arrived at the sweetie stop where the sweets lay hidden, the goodies were devoured in record time then the hares dropped the bombshell....having re-energised the pack we were told that it was only 5 minutes to the 'on in'. Anyway, well done hares.


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