6th June - Dalditch Farm, Woodbury Common - Fruity Bitz + Odd Bitz

Some twenty-four hashers appeared on the scene for todays hash, some to see the sight of Oddbitz who left his floating gin palace to lay the trail. When circled up neither hare assumed responsiblity for the trail that lay before us until Oddbitz bravely stepped forward, then we were entertained with an art lesson using flour of course to illustrate two new hash signs that he had managed to conjure up. What a talent! This caused the other hare, Fruitybitz, to get involved but alas, she was later fined for giving mis-information. Never mind. Stat-Nav took the role of acting sheriff, he does look the part some hashers were heard to whisper. We're ready to go, well not quite as the hares dropped a first instead of check it out we started with a long short split, which immediately split the pack in half. It was a full ten minutes before we met up again near the cycle way between Exmouth and Budleigh, Spockybitz leading the way for the longs to the hash halt, what a human dynamo that boy is. Once together we eventually found the trail leading onto the cycle way passing pleasant woodland scenery, Tail Lamp was heard to say this route was once an old railway line, he knows his railways he is always on the ball when railways are involved, best described as a fountain of knowledge.At the next hash halt one of our hares, Fruitybitz called check it out before the pack had all arrived, she was fined, as was Baglady who didn't even stop but chose to start looking for the trail, she too was fined. We all saw Baglady very soon after as she encountered one of the dreaded fish-hooks, justice was done ! We all plodded on on to the next long short split where both groups vanished into the undergrowth, in different directions of course. We all gazed into each others eyes at the next hash halt which sported the SS sign yes the sweet stop but who or where were the sweets, hence the gazing around. Eventually Oddbitz appeared armed with rucksack within which were the sweets. While the pack were busy grazing however Oddbitz decided to use his mobile, fined for technology on the hash. He was not alone for Fruitybitz who was with the trail-enders or were they tail-enders had made contact with her mobile, fined ! Once filled with goodies we all set off once more meandering here and there skirting fields as we went on our merry way until we reached our destination or starting point the end which ever way you look at it. Everyone agreed that it was a good trail with lots of checks, fish hooks etc so well done to the two hares. Finally do you have what it takes to be a hare if so contract our hare-raiser Tampa, but remember to come armed with goodies and flour the two main ingredients.
Upton Pyne Village Hall CP near Brampford Speke (if anyone wants a drink after The LAZY TOAD in Brampford is close by, about 2 miles.


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