Thorverton - Staines & Comes Regularly (Whiplash - absent) 27th June

Well, as many of the hashers entered the village we noticed Tail Lamp driving out, back towards the main road. Had he seen the hills and was he having second thoughts, had he been up to somethin he shouldn't have been or was he just lost? Well no prizes for guessing this one!

As we gathered we noticed a distinct lack of hares? Then entering stage left they walked past the car park and told us they would be back....what were they up to? A few minutes later we circled up and were given our instructions by the replacement hare. Staines advised that Whiplash was apparently in far had they laid this hash??

On On and away we raced....towards one of the many pubs in Thorverton...unfortunately we kept going! After a big loop we headed out of the village along a nice flat road (this was the last flat piece of running we would see for a long time. We arrived at a check and after some lame checking we were onto another check which brought the hash to halt. Two options - seriously uphill to the left or seriously uphill to the right?? Some second guessing was now taking place, nobody wanted to check out in the wrong direction on these hills. About 5 mins later and half way towards the upper atmosphere Twin Peaks voice could be heard calling "On On" - we could hear her but not see her!

As the hashers caught up Twin Peaks was already at the next check and leading us on through some adjacent farmland down a hill and then back up the other side to another check.Stat-Nav had now caught her up and quite rare for him he took the correct direction at this check and was soon calling everyone On. At the next check Stat-Nav called an impromptu Hash Halt as the combination of the heat and the hills appeared to be spreading the Hash out. Upon arriving at the check Tail Lamp exclaimed "you're not planning on taking us up Raddon Top" (possibly spelt wrong)as he pointed to the highest hill in the surrounding countryside. The hares grin should have given that one away.

At first we went downhill, but that just meant we had to come back up again...and up and up...and up!! Paperwork was clearly suffering the effects of running the Killerton Kanter the night before....walking on the hash! Sorepoint was showing Paperwork how it should be done, and demonstarting true stamina. Girl power! At the same time we spotted Isoceles using technology on the hash...that'll be at the 10p rate!

Then we were taken along the ridge line and could now clearly see the fntastic views from up the 'Top'. At the highest point around we met up with the shorts (well Spocky and Itzy) and whilst the sweets were passed around we took a few well earnt minutes to take in the view.

On On, and from here we all knew the only way was down. Through the fields and along the footpaths before coming out to the road. From here it was along the road and back to the car park. Although, Woodpecker continued running right past the car park! Did this spritely young chap fancy doing a second loop! (Stat-Nav then confessed to doing exactly the same but as no one was around he had originally tried to hide this little fact).

In the circle Spocky tried to encourage Staines to this years Autumn Gathering (I sense another ice, ice baby coming on!). He politely declined, once he remembered he was getting married on that weekend!....although did suggest we keep a space free just in case!

A very good trail, with some fantatsic views - thank you the hares!

Next week, we're in Lympstone with Woodpecker, then back to his for the On Down (bring your trunks!)


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