1st August - Wheathill Plantation - Groucho + Blobhoblin

Well, it's not often the blog is longer than the actual hash.....but this week it was a first! - ED
A short blog report this week due in part to the large number of hashers, over eighty+ turned up for a combined hash with Isca HHH. All was quite still as we chatted in the car park only to have our silence broken by the arrival of Hat Rack plus his coach loaded with hashers, what a sight as they stepped down from the coach. To put it mildly, most of them looked very much the worse for wear due to the day and night before.
Blobhoblin and Groucho laid the trail but due to the numbers split the pack into two groups going in opposite directions where they meet would by the sweet stop. Both groups set off at a more than leisurely pace, hangovers being the main problem for some of these non functioning hashers. Poacher was the one major exception to the rule, that boy must drink rocket fuel, whilst Buzby was in desperate need of the same. Woodpecker was impeccable and arriving on time, why, no one knows. At the sweet stop anyone would think this pack had never been fed, they were like gannets polishing off the sweets in record time.
Finally, we, both groups returned to the car park where upon the back of the coach was opened to reveal a large range of drink and goodies. The gannets descended within seconds, well there was beer involved, what else would any hasher expect.

REMINDER The hash next week Sunday 8 August is at Stoke Woods Upper Car Park.


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