3rd October - St Loyes, Exeter - Blobhoblin and Tail Lamp

Salmon Pool Lane was the venue and no fewer than 20+ turned out even though the weather several hours earlier was very wet and wild. As luck would have it our hares, Blobhoblin and Tail Lamp, had influence with the weather and it didn't rain for the whole of the hash.
When we finally got under way confusion reigned as the pack reminded me of a block of butter, well spread. Eventually the hares had had enough of the chaos that they were witness to and guided us all on the straight and narrow for about 50 metres. A long short split soon appeared the longs almost running around the perimeter of a football pitch.
With the pack back together things were straight forward for about two minutes, when we noticed that two of the pack had suddenly disappeared, then rustling was heard coming from some bushes and out emerged Sore Point. Sore Point then gave us a story of food in Tunisia from where she had just returned, work out the rest.
Next we came to a golf course where again the pack were seen to wander all over the places, hares to the rescue once again. Having left the golf course behind us we came to a small foot bridge where a photo opportunity was taken.
Whilst on this bridge Blobhoblin informed the pack that we could have not used the bridge if the stream wasn't so swollen, he did a good risk assessment and considered elf and safety.
We all faced the climb up to the summit of Ludwell Hill, known by many as Cardic Hill. From the summit we witnessed the view that was City of Exeter in all its splendour where we all munched on a very fine selection of confectionery.
From the peak we were offered a long short split, most of the pack choosing the latter. Now we enjoyed the downhill bits mixed with flat terrain. However to our surprise we re-visited the golf course then came a grave yard, what was the hare trying to say?
Finally we were home to a nice beer/refreshment stop. Stat-Nav was the acting Sherrif, and did his job with his usual sense of humour.


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