10th October - Bellever, Dartmoor - Chip Shop

After the fun and frolics of the hash weekend, those of us from Pixies Holt set off to the hash venue where we met up with the others that had come for the day. In true hash fashion things started off in a confusing manner as cars were all coming back out of the original car park as it was pay and display and reconvening just inside Bellever Park.
Unfortunately Chip Shop hadn't been blessed with the weather and it was very foggy. We circled up and set off down towards the river where we promptly all got totally lost and confused eventually finding the on on back up the hill. Those silly FRB's got caught up with the first fish hook of the day and had to come back down the hill again.
At the top we had a regroup then set off again down to the scene of our first ever hash weekend. Shortly after this the hare was heard to whisper, "I won't be very popular in a minute", as we all headed up a very steep hill. 3 fish hooks later we reached the top!!! The view, had it not been so foggy, would've been beautiful, however, it was foggy, so the view wasn't beautiful! But we stopped for some sweets then set off in different directions as the words 'runners long' made most of us promptly head 'short'.
The rest of the trail was a fairly civilised stroll along the track heading back down to the car park eventually. After the hash circle, the leftover goodies from the hash weekend were handed out then most of us headed of into the pub for some lunch where the fines were handed out.


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