12th February Bridge Farm Stoke Cannon-Groucho

Groucho must be lacking confidence.  We turned up at the venue and it looked like there weren’t too many hashers there.  However, Groucho said he thought there would have been even less so there may not be enough sweeties to go round (there were).  Poor Groucho was having a bad day but it gets worse.  However, he was ably assisted by um um was it Blob or Taillamp – note to self – do the blog same day.

Anyway, onon to the trail.  But wait, Groucho is explaining – “There’s a check just there look, but ignore that one.  Onon up there look, there’s another check, you can ignore that one too, just turn right” (Groucho indicates by pointing to the left).  Ok, so it looks like we are on our own then.

Onon to very icy puddles broken open by the dogs and then a check that took some time to sort, with hashers in every direction across fields.  Eventually, a distant shout of ‘onon’ could be heard from FF. This was very much the theme, with checks and even fishhooks in the middle of large fields.  Hashers spreading out like a fan.  No wonder the hare was showing signs of stress, this is awesome gambling for trail laying especially with us lot.  It worked well though, clever haring I say.  “What’s going on?” I can hear Groucho calling.

We eventually reached the sweet stop and had a break and jolly refreshment.  Onon to the second part of the trail and some good tracks, fields and views.  Coming into the final half mile and clambering under an electric fence, there was a very noisy Woodpecker during a customary fall.  Most of us went the wrong way not realising/believing that Groucho had secured permission to go through someone’s private bungalow – didn’t it mess up their carpets?

Back at the Farm, mud was washed or scraped off, fines (of which there were many) were awarded, Oddbitz was awared the pink handbag for a rubbish joke at the sweety stop, a bit more banter was exchanged and everyone drifted off after what turned out to be a really nice and refreshing trail.  Thanks Groucho and um um.


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