Exminster - Stix Family - 20th July 2014

Bollards and I had been worrying all week about the weather for this week's trail.  But it turned out hot and sunny despite all the weather warnings.  Speedy, Rocky, Runner Bean Chipmunk were being parking assistants as the pack arrived.  Unfortunately they directed some of them to the Linden Homes car park for visitors to the sales office, and they then had to move.  It was a big pack, with Isosceles and Strongbow making a return, and out next door neighbours, Lorne and Fiona as virgins.
We set off towards the "posh houses", but the FRBs couldn't find the way out of the estate, until I gave them a prod in the right direction.  Then we got to the Long/Short split.  Speedy took the shorts (the wrong way - he claims he did this on purpose), and I waited for the longs to do a loop around the village, including the church graveyard.  On rejoining the short, the trail continued along a disused and overgrown footpath, which I had cleared earlier that morning.  On to a regroup, and then through the woods onto the A379.  Up to the motorway bridge and then along a narrow strip of land between the M5 and main road.  Another regroup, and then up into the old asylum graveyard and into the grounds of the ex-Environment Agency offices.  Up through the houses, around a corn field, and yet another hash halt.  By this time we had lost a few, due to exhaustion, including Coffin and Ben, and 3D and daughters.  Then down the lane, with a couple of fish hooks, to a sweetie stop in a field overlooking the village and estuary (See below).  Thanks to Henry for letting us use his land!
Then down across the field, through the skate park, a long loop around another field, and back home after nearly 4 miles.  Once back, fines were mostly awarded to me and the family!  I hope everyone enjoyed the BBQ!
On On to the Wedding Hangover Hash next week in Clyst St Mary.
Posers at the Sweetie Stop


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