Inflatable Hash, Otterton - Spockybitz - 17th August 2014

Another great inflatable hash on a not-totally-summery day.  The pack assembled on Otterton Green, the rain started and Stix broke the pump that was being used to fill the assortment of inflatable toys/mattresses/gym balls and whoopie cushions.  Suitably pumped, we headed off up to the fields at a very leisurely pace, mainly, but not exclusively, because we were all carrying large items.  It didn't take long for us to cross the bridge and reach the entrance to the river.  Once in the water, after posing for the hash flash, we negotiated a fallen tree and screamed as the water level reached sensitive places; Holeinone commenting that her "bum had gone numb".  The water was not warm.  We floated/walked and swam downstream to the sweetie stop where we gradually turned blue with the windchill as we ate strawberry laces, candy bananas and jelly beans, while at the same time, trying not to put our hands in our mouths as we weren't entirely sure of the cleanliness of the water.  We returned to the water for the final stretch down to Otterton Mill bridge.  Getting changed out of our wet lycra was very challenging in a public place, but discretion was maintaned (I hope!).  Most of the hash had brought a picnic to enjoy on Otterton Green in the weak sunshine, although anything would have felt warmer than the water.

On On to next week at Uphams Plantation, Woodbury Common.


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