Frying Pans Car Park - EJ - 12th October 2014

There must have been a horsey event taking place near Frying Pans Car Park, as we could hear a tannoy system when emerging from our cars. Perhaps this was why several hashers lost trail as they thought they could hear someone calling on on when, in fact, it was something entirely different? The pack started off together, but soon came upon a long/short/walk split with, confusingly, the walkers and longs heading off in one direction while the shorts went in another. Only four hashers braved the long and there was no chance of keeping up with Cousteau and Imelda, so Twin Peaks and I quickly found ourselves on trail alone. EJ had done a great job with the markings and we were able to navigate our way across a bog and through some woods without too much difficultly, but we did wonder where everyone else was. We came across another two long/short splits, but decided to stay on the short with a view to hopefully finding the rest of the pack. And we did. We found them at a sweetie stop. Chipmunk and Rocky were doing a good job of stealing all the sweets despite being told that the walkers hadn’t arrived and would probably like some. The walkers never appeared and after a while the pack decided to continue without them, only to find them a little further on having completely missed the re-group. The pack remained fragmented, but there were clear marks and everyone found their way back to the car park. Beer, drinks, crisps, nuts and circle time followed.

Back at the car park - since the walkers never arrived at the Sweetie Stop!


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