Pynes Hill - Blobby and Twin Peaks - 3 November 2019

A good size pack of nearly 30 turned out for a glorious Autumn run around Ludwell Valey Park.  We were promised just a 3 mile trail (like it or lump it!) - but for the longs it turned out to be nearer 4.  There were a good few climbs, and some strategically placed fish-hooks to 'enjoy'.  Some mystical mushrooms to admire, and some mud thrown in for good measure. Splat, Bullbait and Wide made a splash in the puddle, which was a bit deeper than anticipated.  By the end of the trail, Courgette was exhausted. (Photos below)
Fines went to Rocky, Doodle and Howlin' Wilf for missing the fish hook, Twin Peaks awarded one to herself for falling over, Bollards for calling for 'Al', and Stingray for shortcutting.
Next week we're at 'Scout' Hut Scout in Mincinglake, Stoke Hill (map)
Don't forget to Nominate for the Mismanagement positions by Saturday (see here), and tell me about your Xmas meal choices in the next 2 weeks.


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