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31st August - Stowford Cross - Spocky Bitz

This morning we all awoke to a glorious August summers day....yes it was chucking it down! Poor old Spocky we thought as we lay in bed eating toast at 10am, listening to the rain. Well 11am came and it was a fine turnout of over 20 hashers with a few new faces to boot. We were promised a lovely dry, flat trail but it soon became apparent as Twin Peaks almost vanished (well, she is only little) in a bog! A few lightweight hashers tried to circumnavigate said bog, Tail Lamp being one of them, only to gain an attractive 'bog stocking' on one leg! All the children seemed very at home knee deep in dirt as did the hash dogs and a few of the other hashers I might add! We led on to two sweetie stops as Spocky was surprised at our restraint at the 1st one and didn't want to take the sweeties home again. The 2 nd impromptu sweetie stop conveniently located by a clean pool to wash off in. Two long short splits, of which I seemed to think for some bizarre reason I could do the